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Why are hibiscus blossom decals so popular with females?

I didn't know we were. Which women? I'm a woman. Don't really know what a hibisscus is, but i'll find out and let you know!
Why are hibiscus blossom decals so popular with females?
It's trendy and to many people symbolizes the Pacific islands and surfer or beach culture.

I'm a daisy girl myself.
Reply:Probably because it's pretty .

I like real flowers,it doesn't really matter what they are as long as they look good to me.
Reply:I have heard that it is a symbol of a females availability i.e Single. And originates from a Pacific Island Nation not sure which one. I don't think every chick you see with these flowers is single most are just following the trend.
Reply:Depends on the chick. Personally, I only like daisies, voilets, marigolds %26amp; roses, not too keen on any other flowers.
Reply:because the flower is rare, like diamonds. Girls best friend

I am looking for an essay about (discuss the symbolic use of the pink hibiscus plant?

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I use alba hibiscus toner on my face is this a good choice for a toner?

Dear Lorna M,

Alba's collection of natural Hawaiian beauty secrets made with tropical fruit and flower extracts, nourishing nut oils and certified organic aloe vera, revered for their curative and rejuvenating properties, are blended together to create exotic skin care products for soft, healthy, luminous skin. Skin friendly. Maui approved. Alba Hawaiian Skin Care products are made with only hypo-allergenic ingredients within the vegetarian ethic, and no animal testing. 76%-84% Certified Organic Ingredients. 80% certified organic ingredients. Certified organic aloe vera and green tea antioxidants soothe, smooth and protect delicate eye area. 100% Vegetarian Ingredients. No Animal Testing. PH Balanced.

I personally feel that its a very good product.I really think you should stick with it.
I use alba hibiscus toner on my face is this a good choice for a toner?
I like the alba products. I'm sure it it a good choice.
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  • Is charcoal and hibiscus extract feasible as shoe polish?

    It might be, but with shoe polish so inexpensive, why bother!

    Here is a link regarding shoe polish, and there is a history as well as many great links to read about shoe polish.

    Happy shining!!
    Is charcoal and hibiscus extract feasible as shoe polish?
    where would you get the protector wax part?

    Hibiscus indoors?

    Is it possible to grow a hibiscus plant indoors? I love these flowers but I'm in Missouri and the winters won't let me plant them outdoors.
    Hibiscus indoors?
    make your husband but you these flowers and plants them then dig them up before the first frost then put them indoors for you that way all you have to do is sit back and enjoy their beauty as well as yours
    Reply:I would assume that you are asking about tropical hibiscus....if that is this case you can bring them inside before the first frost in your area. A sunny warm spot would be best, however, all plants go through a "rest period" as part of there natural cycle. You would need to water less frequently and do not fertilize or feed the plant during the winter months. Also, to help acclimatize your plant to its new surroundings you may want to take it from its spot outdoors and move it into a garage or basement for a few days so it can adjust to the new environment. The converse would be true before you put it back outside. Any sudden change in environment can stress the plant and force it to drop its leaves.

    There are also "hardy hibiscuses" or althea as it is sometimes called that would be hardy all year planted outside in your area.
    Reply:it is better to keep them indoors in winters near your glass window . by doing so it will get enough heat and light and grow more better than ever.
    Reply:I live in Oklahoma our winters aren't as bad as yours but i plant my hibiscus in a pot so that i may bring them in before the freeze. my plants live indoors in the winter and back outside arranged nicely in the spring thru fall. So to answer your question yes they will live great indoors. I hope this helps........Have a great day!

    Are luna hibiscus eatable?

    According to this website, Hibiscus ARE edible.

    Here's a website, it even has recipes and directions and hints:

    roots rain

    Where can I buy silk hibiscus flowers online?

    I'm making my own wedding flowers. I can't seen to find them. When I do find them the website only seems to carry red and yellow. Does anybody know?
    Where can I buy silk hibiscus flowers online?
    silk hibiscus flowers -

    Hope this helps.
    Reply:Try these:

    I've gotten almost all my flowers from there.
    Reply:you could research 'hibiscus flowers' online and see what links you come up with

    Move a Hibiscus?

    I live in Michigan and I have a hibiscus outdoors that has out grown it's location.

    Can I dig it up and replant it in a new spot?

    If so, what time of the year would be the best to do this?

    Any other info would also be welcome.
    Move a Hibiscus?
    Hibiscus have good root systems. Replanting is usually carried out in spring, February-March. but you can use this link for more info
    Reply:Yes, a hibiscus (shrub) can be transplanted. Do so in the spring before leaves sprout. A hibiscus (perennial)? That I would do in the fall.
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  • Where are the nectaries of a rosemallow or Hibiscus located?


    Hibiscus Plant!!! I new to this. Please help!!!?

    Ok I got a really amazing plant for my birthday. Its a Hibiscus plant with big pink and white flower. The thing is it didnt come with any info. Like how to care for it. How much light? How much water? Re-plotting advice? I just got it on sat. %26amp; today all the flowers died:( Im so upset. I havnt watered it yet bc the soil is still moist. Not sure what I sure do. I have it inside. Is it dying??
    Hibiscus Plant!!! I new to this. Please help!!!?
    First of all dont be upset if all the flowers died becuase they only last one day. Its normal.


    Your hibiscus probably wont bloom indoors or at least not well, but it will bloom perfectly outside. When temps are in the 80s put it in full sun and water daliy. Now indoors you only need to water every 2 to 3 days.

    Once outside it will do nicely. The time to Re pot is before it goes out side. they arent hard to re pot and dont need to be repotted often.

    once winter is on it way and temperatures arent in the 80s any more your plant will stop blooming. Now is the time to bring it in.

    How to Bring It Indoors for the winter.

    hibiscus plants bring in bugs from outside, so you will need to follow these steps to prevent them.

    First water the entire plant as well as the undersides of the leaves.

    Then cut off a bit of the tip of the stem. If your plant is large cut off 2 inches from the stem, if small one inch or less. After you prune your plant water again. Wait 3 days for it to dry out. then bring it in.

    Now indoors your plant will at first lose a few leaves. This is normal. Also snice you cut the stem it will not flower indoors till summer. This is Important becuase winter is its rest time, and also bugs like to live on new growth so cutting the new leaves off are nessecary. Water less about once every 4 days and once spring come add plant food such as miracle gro and water a bit more. them once summer arrives again take it back out side and enjoy.

    If it refused to flower give it some plant food.
    Reply:Yes, these are tropical plants that like full sun and warm temperatures. If you are going to keep it indoors, it needs a south facing window to do best. If you are in a warm climate, you can put it outdoors, but it can never be allowed to get too cold, say below 50-60 degrees. The flowers don't last real long, so as long as the plant itself looks OK, don't worry about the dead flowers, it may just have been their time. Does it still have flower buds yet to bloom? You need to watch for insects on the undersides of the leaves, hybiscus are spider mite magnets. Spider mites are very tiny little buggers that produce fine little webbing on the undersides of the leaves. If you see this, get some Malathion and spray it asap, before they get too bad. Keep the soil evenly moist but not soaked at all times. Good luck!
    Reply:hibiscus is a tropical plant. it shouldn't just die like that. are you sure it wasn't infested with something? you should put it by a sunny window and spray it with water along with the watering. remember, tropical plants can never be dried out they love to be wet...
    Reply:The flowers don't last long at all. Bring a leaf to a decent nursery and ask if it is a tropical hibiscus or a hardy hibiscus.
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    What are the phyto chemical constituents and analysis of the flower hibiscus rosas sinesis?

    this is also known as gumamela or chinese rose...
    What are the phyto chemical constituents and analysis of the flower hibiscus rosas sinesis?
    Here they are. Well... at least some of them.

    Ladies why do you prefer red/yellow roses than red hibiscus as a give?

    it's because of the western influence
    Ladies why do you prefer red/yellow roses than red hibiscus as a give?
    Roses symbolizes the beauty of a woman, thus, I (we) prefer rose flower than hibiscus. (it's what i think from my point of view)
    Reply:I don't like receiving flowers.....any flowers!!

    Sure, I like to look at them, admire their beauty and colours but please do not give me any flowers....waste of money!!...flower destroyers!!!....

    Send me a lotus if you like, as wallpaper or screensaver....hahaha.....

    Reply:i prefer a sunflower!!~
    Reply:lol the t-hornier the better

    no seriously, roses symbolise elegance. but i dont personally buy that. lol give me carnations (muahaHa) i'd be equally grateful. actually i think roses are abit out nowadays. mmm~
    Reply:Roses have fragrances,and they are more beautiful.
    Reply:"Hibiscus are red,violets are blue

    sugar is sweet, and so are you"?

    (the flower doesn't even rhyme in poems!)

    ~Case closed~
    Reply:i like lilly
    Reply:be'coz hibiscus 'hodoh'
    Reply:I don't prefer roses or any other flower. I prefer orchid. Nothing to do with western influence. I grew up surrounded by orchids with many colors and different shape. We used to go to the jungle for hours just to find orchids.
    Reply:Hibiscus can't even last more than half an hour after cutting. Before they can reach the ladies, they'll wilt ,leaving lots of yellowish spores all over.

    I prefer the cash please.. to get some orchids..

    In the novel Purple Hibiscus, what are some ways to prove mama is guilt for the PREMEDIDATED murder of Papa?

    thanks, it's for a mock trial
    In the novel Purple Hibiscus, what are some ways to prove mama is guilt for the PREMEDIDATED murder of Papa?
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  • Hibiscus flowers and Rose food??

    Ok, so I just bought myself some hibiscus plants, and I just happen to have some slow release rose food. Would it be helpful to my hibiscus to use that? Will it harm them? Will it do anything?
    Hibiscus flowers and Rose food??
    The best item to use on your hibiscus is MirAcid. It is wonderful for any type of greenery and will add a more vibrant color to the flower. Use it once a week.
    Reply:Hibiscus are generally easy to care for, so I wouldn't worry about adding any food to the soil. Just keep the soil moderately moist and keep the plant in a sunny location. If you decide to add something to the soil, try a MiracleGro solution in a water pail or some Jobe spikes for flowering plants. Both are relatively reasonably priced, under $5. Hope that your gardening is successful!
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    What is a hibiscus tear?

    My mother just suffered a hibiscus tear in one of her knees and is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow! Is it a muscle, and if she requires surgery what can we expect?
    What is a hibiscus tear?
    Do you mean meniscus? Anyway, that is a membrane that holds in all the fluid around the knee cap and it has torn. They will repair it, possibly laproscopically. She may have some pain and or discomfort. The biggest thing she needs to do after surgery to recover fully is to follow the doctor's orders and do her physical therapy as prescribed.

    Cat urine vs. potted hibiscus?

    I have a potted hibiscus that me cat urinated in. Since the incident, the plant hasn't flowered at all and all the leaves have fallen off. It is still green underneath, though. Is there any way to help it recover, or will it never flower again?
    Cat urine vs. potted hibiscus?
    I'd flush the hibiscus with a LOT of tepid water to remove as much of the urine/urea/ammonia as possible. I find it unlikely that ONE event has caused this; I have a hunch that Kitty has been pulling this stunt for a while. One way to prevent a recurrence is to get a clear plastic saucer bigger than the diameter of the pot (such as you'd normally set the plant IN), cut a hole in the center big enough to accomodate the stem of the plant, and a slit from the edge to the hole. Turn it upside down, and slip it around the stem of the plant to provide a shield. The cat can't get to the dirt, but you can easily remove the "shield" to water the plant. I suspect that after some time, and proper care, your hibiscus will flower again.
    Reply:Yea, cat urin is extremely acidic. It killed the plan prbably. Water it alot to try to re-purify it, but chances are the plan is dead.
    Reply:Best to do- re-plant the mixture with fresh dirt and put orange peelings and sprinkle cayenne peppers around the dirt and planter- this will keep all the kitties away!

    Can I use the pods from the dead buds of my hibiscus plant to start another plant? If so how do I do it?

    If you're not concerned with getting a plant that is true to the parent plant, then seed is fine.

    Hibiscus is easy to germinate. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to germinate @ 70-80 F in a greenhouse. Use a pin to remove the seeds from a ripe pod. Then put one seed per pot (you can use a seed tray, but these guys will grow fast and need transplanting soon after). Plant these seeds to a depth twice their existing size.

    Remember to use quality potting soil. Assuming you don't have a greenhouse, start the seeds soon after the last threat of frost is over. This will extend their germination to roughly 8 weeks. Keep the soil evenly and constantly moist.

    Good luck!

    You can also do a cutting or air layering; both are equally successful and may even be easier.
    Can I use the pods from the dead buds of my hibiscus plant to start another plant? If so how do I do it?
    I have a huge plant in my garden that was started from seeds from my original plant which is now in our last home 600 miles from here. Pick the pods when they turn brown and keep them in a dry place over the winter. Plant the seeds in your garden or in a pot in the spring. You may only get one or two blooms the first year but my the second year you will have lots of blooms.
    Reply:Your best bet is to take cuttings and sit them in water until they are rooted.

    The Hibiscus plant in our garden blooms white and pink color flowers in different branches of the same plant.?

    View the Photo :
    The Hibiscus plant in our garden blooms white and pink color flowers in different branches of the same plant.?
    That's really pretty..could be that it was what they call grafted...attaching one plant to a different one by taping it up until the plants have grown together (%26lt; to put it briefly)

    here's a link chock full of info

    hope this answer helps :)
    Reply:may b due to genetic mutation
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  • I have a hibiscus plant and need help. what king of plant is it. is it an annual or perennial type plant.?

    Hibiscus are perennials. They come back each year unless you expose them to a hard freeze that kills them. So if it gets really cold, cover them up with a sheet or tarp or something like that.
    I have a hibiscus plant and need help. what king of plant is it. is it an annual or perennial type plant.?
    Hibiscus is a tropical type plant, if its a HARDY hibiscus it can winter over in some colder zones, other wise it needs to be a house plant.
    Reply:hibiscus grow to be five or six feet tall. have large leaves and six to eight inch round blooms that are red , pink or blue depending on species and soil minerals.

    It is a hardy perennial in moderate to southern climate zones.

    Reply:Make sure you take it in the house when it gets cold. It'll never survive a winter.
    Reply:Hibiscus comes from the plant family Malvaceae, and is native to warm temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. The genus includes both annual and perennial herbaceous plants. Actually, ours have grown into more or less a woody type shrub, almost like a tree. One of the most common plants, at least here in Memphis, is the "syriacus" which is the scientific name for Rose of Sharon. Our particular cultivars are propagated from both seed and seedlings that sprout around the parent plant (they are great for digging up the next year and giving to friends/neighbors).

    The hibiscus makes a great "showy" type plant . . . I can only speak to our USDA zone, 7B, (almost 8A here in Memphis) that ours do come back each year. We also have a few in pots that have grown over 8' tall . . . we simply cut back (right now, in fact) so that the remaining woody tips can "harden off" before cold . . . the potted plants we maintain in the garage for the coldest winter months (December through February). Ours come back beautifully each year, with one being a variegated specie (both leaves and flowers).

    Depending on where YOU are, and the actual specie / cultivar, any one plant may or may not survive a harsh winter. If you're in the milder climes, you should have no problem.

    Bottom line: There are both annual and perennial hibiscus . . . be choosy and ask questions when purchasing . . . also, consider purchasing at a local nursery to be exposed to more "local" varieties that thrive in your area.

    Oh yes, one last thing, here is the kingdom/phyla, etc. breakdown from Wikipedia for thoroughness:

    Kingdom: Plantae

    Division: Magnoliophyta

    Class: Magnoliopsida

    Order: Malvales

    Family: Malvaceae

    Genus: Hibiscus
    Reply:I have hisbiscus plants in Northern Michigan. They are perennials and mine come back every year despite severe cold. The key is heavy mulching. Before freeezing temperatures hit, pile mulch about 5 to 6 inches deep around the base of the plant but do not allow the mulch to touch the actual stems. Back the mulch off about an inch but then pile it deep. Good luck.
    Reply:Some good info at:

    Help!!! Squirrels are EATING the buds from my hibiscus and other flowers!!?

    They seem to like some flowers and others they leave alone. All of my rose buds have been eaten, and they even eat some green leaves from other plants. I have tried the red pepper dry, as well as liquid, and to no avail. I'm not sure but I think they are digging up any bulbs or tubers I plant into pots. Unbelievable the money I've wasted on plants that they destroy either by eating or digging up!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
    Help!!! Squirrels are EATING the buds from my hibiscus and other flowers!!?
    Squirrels really love peanuts and they are not that expensive in the grocery store.. Make a stand away from the flowers and put the peanuts (in the shell) up high so the squirrels will climb for the peanuts. Also you can buy squirrel feeders at the hardware store. Good luck
    Reply:I always believed feeding them as an alternative is just encouraging them to stay and invite their neighborhood friends.

    It is not an absolute cure, but a determent: lay chicken wire on ground in front of each side of access to the plants. Many animals do not like walking on wire yet it can easily be rolled up to mow. One small area, I planted threw the openings of wire on top of dirt which kept cats out of it.

    A neighbor had so much trouble with dogs %26amp; raccoons, he attached a motion detector to water sprinkler. Squirrels don't like the sprinkler either.

    A row of sprayed cheap vegetable oil on outside edges reduces weeds, not harmful to environment and bugs/animals do not like getting into it. Don't get the oil to close to your planting roots. This is a good bug deterant around base of house: Spring, Fall %26amp; after each heavy rain.
    Reply:Squirrels can be destructive little buggers. If they have a supply of water they may ignore your bulbs and buds. They are not eating them for the nutrition but more for their moisture content. I suggest you fill a birdbath with water, and they may leave your bulbs and plants alone.

    Which year was it that hibiscus declared a national flower of Malaysia?

    The national flower of Malaysia is the hibiscus, or bunga raya. The flower is found in abundance throughout the country, and for this very reason, was chosen to be the national flower (in 1960) by Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.
    Which year was it that hibiscus declared a national flower of Malaysia?
    Reply:1960. You can read more about it on the site below.
    Reply:You've heard of Google right?

    and the answer is 1960.

    Please help my hibiscus is dead????

    Hello i have a hibiscus plant we have had it foe over a year. My boyfriend put it outside because our cat kept eating the leaves on it. after 24 hours i had gone outside to find it dead. I gave it some water and nothing i really love this plant any ideas ..We live in rhode island and i think it may have gotten shocked because it got kinda cold... Any ideas
    Please help my hibiscus is dead????
    Sounds like your plant froze, or at least came very close to it. A hibiscus is a tropical plant, and if you give it non-tropical conditions (too much cold, too little humidity, too much strong sunlight), it's not going to survive; it is NOT a tolerant plant. Pitch it, get a new one and take proper care of it. That means WARM and HUMID conditions, moderate to bright light (but NOT direct sunlight) ALL THE TIME; anything else will kill it, as you've found out. Once a hibuscus freezes, there's no saving it.
    Reply:You can try to cut it back. Report It
    Reply:They usually leaf out from the stems.........Keep an eye on it to see if the leaves come out....
    Reply:It froze. Next one, put a parka on it.
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    Do Hibiscus Trees Make Seeds?

    I have a pink hibiscus tree that I recently bought and I was wondering if the flowers made seeds. Here is what the old flower pods look like:
    Do Hibiscus Trees Make Seeds?
    Yes they do! Why didn't you leave them on the plant?
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  • What is the reproductive system of the hibiscus?

    in science
    What is the reproductive system of the hibiscus?
    It reproduces sexually by forming flowers, fruits, and seeds.

    It can be vegetatively propagated by cuttings and graftings.
    Reply:Cytogenetic characteristics confirm that Hibiscus acetosella and Hibiscus cannabinus are outbreeders, while Hibiscus asper, Hibiscus physaloides, Hibiscus sabdariffa and Hibiscus surattensis have evolved into inbreeders. The inbreeding species appear to have co-evolved a floral structure in which some anthers abut on the stigma prior to anthesis.
    Reply:The Biochemical Response of Electrical Signaling in the Reproductive System of Hibiscus Plants

    J. Fromm, M. Hajirezaei and I. Wilke

    Forstbotanisches Institut, Universitat Gottingen, Busgenweg 2, 37077 Gottingen, Germany (J.F.)

    Stimulation of the stigma of Hibiscus flowers by pollen, wounding (heat), or cold shock (4[deg]C) evokes electrical potential changes in the style, which propagate toward the ovary with a speed of 1.3 to 3.5 cm s-1. Potential changes were measured intracellularly by microelectrodes inserted in the style. The resting potential ranged from -90 to -112 mV (n = 20) in cells of the vascular tissue and from -184 to -220 mV (n = 22) in cells of the pollen-transmitting tissue. The amplitude of the potential changes was between 40 and 150 mV, depending on the kind of stimulus. Self- as well as cross-pollination hyperpolarized the resting potential after 50 to 100 s, followed by a series of 10 to 15 action potentials. In contrast, cooling of the stigma caused a single action potential with a different shape and duration, whereas wounding generated a strong depolarization of the membrane potential with an irregular form and a lower transmission rate. To determine the physiological function of the different signals measured in the style, the gas exchange and metabolite concentrations were measured in the ovary before and 10 min after stimulation of the stigma. Self- and cross-pollination caused a transient increase of the ovarian respiration rate by 12%, which was measured 3 to 5 min after the stigma was stimulated. Simultaneously, the levels of ATP, ADP, and starch increased significantly. In contrast, both cold shock and wounding of the stigma caused a spontaneous decrease of the CO2 content in the measuring chamber, as well as reduced metabolite concentrations in the ovary. Since the transport of labeled auxin from the top to the base of the style lasts at least 45 min, the influence of a chemical substance transmitted within 10 min is unlikely. Thus, our results strongly support the view that different, stimulus-dependent electrical signals cause specific responses of the ovarian metabolism.

    Would a pink/yellow hibiscus tattoo look weird?

    i want a flower tattoo and i think hibiscus are really pretty, does it sound ugly to u?
    Would a pink/yellow hibiscus tattoo look weird?
    It sounds beautiful, go for it!! I'm going to do some more work on my sleeve with some birds of paradise and lotus. And how could that possibly sound ugly - flowers are so pretty! I think purple/yellow would be gorgeous, too since they are complimentary colors.
    Reply:sounds cute
    Reply:no it wouldn't be ugly at all I actually have a hibiscus tattoo and it is yellow with pinkish/red in the middle of it, it looks very nice if your interested in seeing it so you know check out my 360 page.
    Reply:You need to talk to the tattooist. There are some colors that don't age well.

    The flower itself would be pretty.
    Reply:i was just talink to my boyfriend about getting 3 pink and yellow hibiscus flowers down my ribcage before i got on here! haha no i lke them they are very pretty flowers adn the colors are a good mix =)
    Reply:I have quite a few Hibiscus and one is pink with yellow in the middle. I think it's beautiful and they are a really pretty flower. And no it doesn't sound ugly to me.
    Reply:maybe not pink and yellow lets keep pink but change yellow to purple or green or blue! I need help on my question now please click

    here is a really nice drawing of an outline for your hibiscus

    Is Hibiscus [the plant] poisonous to cats?

    If she bites, sniffs it, eats it.
    Is Hibiscus [the plant] poisonous to cats?

    Two or three days after cats have eaten a few leaves

    of a Tiger lily or Easter lily, they will go into renal failure. After ingesting hibiscus, a dog will

    vomit persistently, may vomit blood and have bloody diarrhea. "The loss of body fluid may

    be severe enough to be lethal in some cases," Dr. Buck cautions.
    Reply:FIRST Report It
    Reply:Hibiscus is considered poisonous to cats.

    The most dangerous plant for cats are Lilies which are are extremely poisonous to them and can be a potential cause of kidney (renal) failure. The entire plant, leaves, stamen, pollen etc. are all poisonous. Symptoms of poisoning can occur within two hours and include vomiting, depression and lack of appetite. No matter how little of the plant has been eaten, or even if your cat has just washed pollen off it's coat, veterinary advice should be sought immediately as time is of the essence. Despite veterinary treatment a cat in the UK died within hours of washing lily pollen off it's coat, so I avoid having them in my home at all.

    Below is a link to a list of plants that are toxic to cats. This web site also gives information for each plant on what symptoms to look for that would alert you that your cat may

    have been poisoned by eating a particular plant.
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    Can hibiscus and bouganvalias be restored after frost damage?

    bouganvilleas, yes. You couldn't kill the thing if you tried.

    hibiscus, probably won't come back. they're a tropical plant best suited for warm weather year 'round. If the frost was too extreme for too long of a time, it probably wont' come back. Your best bet would be to cut it back now, if you won't be getting any more frost, giving it time to recooperate before spring. by cutting back a majority of the branches, you'll concentrate the plant's energy into a smaller area so it doesn't have to try as hard to regenerate all of the branches.
    Can hibiscus and bouganvalias be restored after frost damage?
    Yes, but wait until spring until you prune them back. Frost settles from the top and if it freezes again they will die if they have been pruned. I know, my yard looks bad with all the dead looking plants, but wait until all chance of freezing has passed.

    How to propagate from hibiscus pruneings?

    if already cut, scar bark about a inch, start at bottom and go up about a inch.then dip in root tone,plant in sand,peatmoss mix. if have'nt cut em yet, take soil,and peatmoss, mix about 70% soil,30% peat, scrape an area about inch long on 2 side's of branch,put a pinch or 2 of root tone on area,make a mud-ball with soil mix. put mud-ball on area,bout size of fist, wrap ball with chesse cloth, like a bandage, keep damp, an you get roots before you know it. cut off below ball then and plant your new plant. it's a clone now.
    How to propagate from hibiscus pruneings?
    Florida hibiscus (not hardy), take semi-hardwood cuttings in the fall, dip in hormone (IBA?), bury in damp sand to callus, move to pots in spring. For the hearty variety, the procedure is the same except that they can not freeze over winter.
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  • Will my hibiscus 'come back' after being nailed by a frost? will cape honeysuckle?

    Depends how cold it got. If only the top is frosted it may mean a prune in spring will set it right. If you want to grow a more tolerant to cold hibiscus try Hibiscus syriacus this variety tolerates temperatures well below 0 deg F and hot dry climates as well. It is deciduous and comes in blue, white, mauve and pink tones. Double and single flowers available.

    Cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis) is moderately frost hardy and survives in my area down to 20 deg F no problems at all.

    You will just have to be patient and wait till spring to see what you have got to work with. Don't prune any of the damaged areas off yet as they supply frost protection for any further late frosts, wait till spring.
    Will my hibiscus 'come back' after being nailed by a frost? will cape honeysuckle?
    It depends on the type. Here in the UK you get a more hardy type of hibiscus which does survive frost. But my tender hibiscus which I stupidly left out over winter, died. As for the Cape Honeysuckle, I've googled some pictures to get an idea and I don't think they will survive, either. If you send me the latin names, I can try and find out more, for you.
    Reply:Hibiscus cannot tolerate cold temperatures and probably died. I keep mine in containers and they become house plants in the winter. The cape honeysuckle can tolerate temperatures to 26 degrees F. So , depending on where you live, it may make a come back. It does best in zones 9-11. hope things work out.
    Reply:Mine both have, year after year!
    Reply:My guess would be not, but I would give it a chance. If you break a twig, is it green in the middle? If so, there's hope!

    How best to prune hibiscus?

    There is a lot of information available on the internet. A Yahoo search for "hibiscus care" (include the quotation marks in the Yahoo search box) yields 3,480 results. If you do the same search, and are willing to spend a little time exploring, I'm sure that you will quickly find lots of useful and interesting information.

    Good luck with your gardening.
    How best to prune hibiscus?
    I just cut mine right back close to the main trunk, then it comes back real nice and thick and covered in flowers, I've never killed one yet, and I've done it this way for many years.
    Reply:Hibiscus are fairly easy to prune and very forgiving if you get it wrong.

    At the start of spring/ end of winter, cut each branch back by about 1/3 and shape as you see fit. Then whack on a slow-release fertilizer and mulch to the drip line of the plant.

    You can't go wrong with these plants.
    Reply:If this is the perenial hibiscus for cold climates, it dies to the ground each year. you can cut the stalks off close to ground level after it has gone dormant or right as new growth begins to break ground. If a potted tropical, use the advice in the first answer, or just cut the tallest branches back about half, one or two at a time. That way you can keep having blooms without interruption.
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    I have a potted HIBISCUS on my front porch. temps in the low 40s @ night, how can i care 4 it thru winter?

    Take it in for the winter. I have several that have lasted 3 years. Keep it in the sun and don't overwater.
    I have a potted HIBISCUS on my front porch. temps in the low 40s @ night, how can i care 4 it thru winter?
    i have one in the ground close 2 the house.. michigan .. and it came back in the spring.. didn't cover it..
    Reply:Some varieties are winter hardy. If it starts to droop after exposure to 40 degrees, take it inside.
    Reply:depends on the type of hibiscus and where u live... the tropical hibiscus you would want to bring in if your in zone 8 or lower... it should be fine outside in zone 9 and up... if its another hibiscus its possible its a hardier one that is able to last through the winter...

    my guess is its the tropical one... so bring it inside in a sunny room and good luck... chances are if its not bright enough it will drop some of its leaves too... try to get it as bright as possible without giving it direct light... windows tend to be like magnifying glasses with sun shining through them...
    Reply:i don't know where you live, but i live in fresno, ca, and I have 2 in my garden, about 2 ft. from the house, and i just cover mine with heavy weight clear plastic when the temp gets close to freezing (about 36-38). the plastic lets the sun in (clear) and works like a little "hot house" and keeps it from freezing too.
    Reply:Take it INSIDE.

    Why did we test for starch instead of sugar (on a pelargonium or hibiscus leaf)?

    The previous test was: testing a onion bulb for sugar...there is none (i'm not sure if this relates to the question)
    Why did we test for starch instead of sugar (on a pelargonium or hibiscus leaf)?
    Excellent question chap. The plant transfers the glucose into something else fairly quickly - in fact as soon as it's made. Everything in the plant - oil, protein, and polysaccharides is made from glucose, plus a few nitrates and minerals. The starch will be distributed just about anywhere there are chloroplasts. As for testing an onion bulb for sugar - onions have nearly as much sugar as fruit juice - not sure why you didn't find it. What sugar did you test for? What test did you use?

    What to do about frost bitten hibiscus bushes?

    Have all the leaves turned brown and fallen off, leaving you with bare branches? Hibiscus will not usually live through temperatures much below 40 degrees. If it was just an occasional frost, they'll probably spring-back!

    You can check the "aliveness" by scratching the branches with a thumbnail. If you see green, the plant is alive. If it's brown and dry, it's dead, at least on the upper branches. If you can possibly check the root-mass and it's all slimey and brown, you may be out of luck. If there are some white roots, you may be ok. If so, cut back the tops and avoid over-watering. Let the soil dry out down an inch or so before watering. Even though it sounds like a good idea, resist fertilization until the plants actually leaf out again and are actively growing.

    Good Luck
    What to do about frost bitten hibiscus bushes?
    They will be fine, only severe freeze would bother them,and that would be final.
    Reply:You should prune your trees hard as soon as they are bare [or nearly there] certainly by the end of Autumn, prune them hard and they will come back bushier than ever with more flowers, don't forget to spray them - specially on the underside of the leaves during the season.
  • alvinarf
  • Can i leave my hibiscus out if i plant it in the ground year round?

    Hardy hibiscus.. yes. Tropical hibiscus, no..

    there are zonal constraints to how far north the hardy hibscus can go. Tropicals can't take a frost..
    Can i leave my hibiscus out if i plant it in the ground year round?
    If you are referring to tropical hibiscus, no if your temps get below 40. Mine had leaf loss in the garage at 45, they are sensitive. Leave outside in pots in the late spring to early fall, but definitely bring them in. There are annual and perenial varieties that are hardy, though.
    Reply:It depends on what zone you are in. Some hibiscus are perennials, and you can put them in the ground and they will come back each year.
    Reply:It depends on where you live, and if this a hardy hibiscus or not.

    I live in Zone 5 and have a hardy hibiscus that does very well in the ground. I mulch it well in the Fall, and it receives full sun.
    Reply:They love the heat, if it's in a protected location, like a tree overhead and bushes planted on the sides, and not much water all winter. It will work if you live in zone 20-24. Damage may be done even with a frost. My neighbors, old bush withstood 5 mornings of a freeze. Just use some judgement here, I can't see your growing conditions, I don't know what soil in which it is planted, does it have fast drainage. The size of the plant, and is it getting plenty of air circulation , don't play down air circulation. Are you down in a gully, or on a hill, these will all play into wheather it would survive. There may be breeds that have been especially breed for cold weather, they would work better. See if they are sold in your local nurseries, they shouldn't stock what will not grow in the area. Hoyakins
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    What colors does a hibiscus flower come in?


    Try these sites for some of the thousands of colors. No true black or blue hibiscus, though.
    What colors does a hibiscus flower come in?
    The flowers are large, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped, with five or more petals, ranging from white to pink, red, purple or yellow, and from 4-15 cm broad.
    Reply:many colours r ter...but most common pink

    Can anyone please tell me if "Gumamela(Hibiscus rosa sinensis) as a burn treatment" has been proven?

    i know that it has been used in traditional medicine and by folklore before modern medicine. if it has been proven by science can you please tell me where to find the paper/study. thanks. much appreciated.
    Can anyone please tell me if "Gumamela(Hibiscus rosa sinensis) as a burn treatment" has been proven?
    The contents of Hibiscus rosa sinensis are rather similar to those of Althaea officinalis. ( Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis, Linné. China rose. The bark of the stem is reputed emmenagogue, while the root is employed in the Eastern world like Marshmallow. It is a cultivated species.

    The mucilage extracted from roots of Althaea officinalis is reported as antiinflammatory, antimicrobial active and stimulating immune system.

    Active agents are the polysaccharides.

    Unfortunately the most scientific sources are not public.
    Reply:hope this helps

    Flowers that can go in arrangements with Hibiscus?

    For my wedding I am having bowls with floating Hibiscus candles. What other flowers (wedding is in the fall) will go with the hibiscus?

    I will be putting rose pedals on tables as well but want to make sure the other flowers around the room will not clash. Any ideas?
    Flowers that can go in arrangements with Hibiscus?
    gardenia blooms or magnolia blooms are nice

    curly willow is a nice touch

    bird of paradise if you are going for a tropical look.

    good luck!
    Reply:The first thing I would do is go talk to a florist. maybe they can help you to visualize and maybe even go to the extent of getting some silk lfowers and let you try various combinations.
    Reply:what color is the hibiscus?

    if it's red, you want to accentuate it by using white flowers around it.
    Reply:cala lilies

    What is the benifit of hibiscus tea?

    Here are some of the hibiscus tea benefits that have been discovered:

    Hibiscus Tea lowers blood pressure

    Hibiscus Tea is good for lowering high cholesterol

    Hibiscus Tea strengthens the immune system as it is rich in Vitamin C
    What is the benifit of hibiscus tea?
    Hibiscus tea may help with cardiovascular concerns such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels.
    Reply:It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol!

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  • Hi! In my garden i have planted 3 colors of Hibiscus Plant.?

    After 2 days it was rainy for 2 days continuously.Now all the leafs in plants are fell down and leaf also become shorten.The flowers also very small small in size.

    What fertilizer can i use my plants to come back to natural size?Please give any suggestion from Malaysian People also
    Hi! In my garden i have planted 3 colors of Hibiscus Plant.?
    any plant food is good but the one I use is Miracle Grow just mix in water and put around roots. About every 2 to 3 weeks
    Reply:I heard they like Epson salt . And lots of sun !

    Where can i buy hibiscus tea in london?

    Or just buy a box of red zinger from celestial seasonings.
    Where can i buy hibiscus tea in london?
    Any branch of soddarts of Chelsea
    Reply:maybe at starbucks. im in the U.S. so im sure you guys HAVE to have a few starbucks over there ! lol but you can go up to them and ask if they have a box of "passion tea". it is a hibiscus tea and is wonderful for those cold days! it is $4.95 USD over here. hoep you find it! hope they carry it =) i think it comes with 20 tea bags.
    Reply:Chinese groceries.

    How can i transplant hibiscus plant? do i need seed or can they be slipped and rerooted?

    They can be slipped and rerooted. Root them in a glass of water.
    How can i transplant hibiscus plant? do i need seed or can they be slipped and rerooted?
    I always propagated Hibiscus by taking cuttings - successful every time.
    Reply:yes, you can root by slips or cuttings. You should use a root tone product. Depends upon where you live but sometimes it is best to put the cutting (s) into a baggie, making a mini greenhouse.

    A lot depends upon where you live. As an example, living in Central Fl., you would not root in water and then place into the ground. If it's for a house plant that would work. Most Hibiscus rootings prefer a light soil mixutre, good humidity, lots of light but not direct sun. Once the first leaves appear, remove the baggie and place into a richer soil. Do not remove any lower leaves as they are what provides the nutrition to the plant. Once it has at least eight to ten small leaves you can move it into the area that you want it to grow in.
    Reply:Im not sure what is meant by slipped. My mother in law has a beautiful one growing indoors and id like a cutting so this question is of interest to me also.

    Whats a hibiscus plant?

    Hibiscus is a pretty big genus of plants in the Malvaceae family. I am in USDA hardiness zone 5, there are species that are hardy here, and some that aren't.

    Chinese Hibiscus is the tropical form, seen in Hawaii, and grown as an indoor plant through much of the USA. Available in a variety of colors, sometimes as a 'double' flower.

    Rose of Sharon is the hardy shrubby form. This old-fashioned garden shrub can reach 10 or more feet in height. Usually shrubby but sometimes grown like a tree. Flowers in the fall. A variety of colors are available, and the double forms are very popular.

    Marsh Mallow is the hardy herbaceous form. The 'branches' of this form die to the ground every year, and grow anew from the roots. Again it blooms in the fall. Some forms can be grown in boggy environments. Yes, we used to use this plant for 'Marshmallows".

    I hope that this helps
    Whats a hibiscus plant?
    If you plant them in your yard, they come back every year. They come late in the summer, but are worth the wait.

    Reply:A Hawaiian Flower. Do a google image, they're very beautiful
    Reply:Yes, it is a Hawaiian plant. They are very easily grown from seeds. Very pretty flower. There are a few different types, and many colors.

    Enjoy, if you do plant them, you won't be sorry.

    My hibiscus is dying... I need a good fertilizer that I can get from a local hardware store or WalMart.?

    First of all, which zone do you live in? Some Hibiscus plants are not hardy in many areas of the US, and since we are approaching fall, it may just be fizzling out. If it is a perennial hibiscus, then it is getting ready to die down for the winter to regenerate for new spring growth. Check out the following website to get yourself the proper information!
    My hibiscus is dying... I need a good fertilizer that I can get from a local hardware store or WalMart.?
    Home dept has more of a garden section. Ask someone their and they will help u.
    Reply:When a plant isn't healthy is not a good time to fertilize. It may be suffering from overwatering, underwatering, or is just slowing down for winter or something else. Hope your hibiscus makes it.
    Reply:Try a local nursery, walmart and hardware stores are probably out of good fertilizers this time of year
    Reply:Your plant is probably suffering from too much water, and not enough sun. Also if you have just planted it, It may not have had time to adust to the change in the temps. Cut it back,and say a prayer!!!
    Reply:get natural fertilizers!!
    Reply:Terra Cycle. It's spray-on earthworm feces. Sounds gross but plants thrive on it.
    Reply:Dying is not usually the result of not enough fertilizer...
    Reply:There could be many reasons your hibiscus is looking sick. What do the leaves look like? What color(s)? If you give the plant a good shake, do you notice any insects? If so, what do they look like? HIbiscus like water, but they dont like for their "feet" to get all soggy. How often are you watering? Peter's Plant Food is just as good as any..I am just not so sure if fertilizer is the answer..It can also make a difference what zone you live in? Sorry, I have asked more than answered..just so many variables ya got!
    Reply:Hibiscus love the heat and sun so just wait and they should grow properly, Miracle Gro plant food is good as well.
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  • Anohter question to add to Tattoo #5 hibiscus flower Should I...?

    here's another question i just thought of lol...i wanna get 2 hibiscus representing me and one my mother since its "our" favorite flower. Should they both be the same color? i was thinking different since its representing 2 seperate ppl...should i have them kinda overlapping or totally seperate? any opinions what so ever appreciated! Wish i could draw or knew someone who could to acually SEE the possibilities!! For anyone who didnt see my first question, trying to decide what color's to make the flower(s) as well. all i know is im gonna get it on my left or right side vertically and have some vines or a design along with it. any and all comments or ideas appreciated! and If there's any artists out there whom may be bored and feel like drawing something up for a girl who cant decide lemmie know =)~

    Anohter question to add to Tattoo #5 hibiscus flower Should I...?
    maybe you could do 1 your fave color and the other ur moms fave color. i think overlapping would be good, maybe the one representing your mom a little bigger and underneath and the one representing you a little small and kind of resting on the big one. if i could draw at all i would try for you but i'm such a horrible drawer (which sucks cause i have so many great tattoo ideas i want on sad...)
    Reply:Oddly enough I worked on a flash drawing of hibiscus today, I would check out hibiscus colors on the net and decide there but keep the colors coordinating, though the drawing i did was a bit diffrent it would work for this tat as well I think what about a symbol possibly the unity symbol or a universal symbol for Mother and a flower on the left and right balancing the symbol in the middle in a trad HI - JAP/ old school style I know this is a hard one to think about and conceptually it sounds weird but think Japanese because of the symbol not kanji but just the symbol and building on it old school using bold outlines and trad color with the hibiscus i would think the red/orange/pink/ then the bold black outlines and maybe halo around the tattoo would be pretty tricked out combines alot of different styles so it wont clash with any one style you may have already gone with other than a pure trad Japanese backspace or something. IN which case if i had that I would not get this put on but barring something like that good luck and I hope your experience with your # 5 is pleasant and bright with a good outcome.
    Reply:2 hibiscus joint should also do some leaves on each hebiscus...the one should be red and the other one black[another pair could be black and white]
    Reply:You should get the color of each other's birthstones as the flower color! I have three hibiscus flowers on my back one in red for me (jan) one for my husband pink (june) and one for our son purple(feb) I really love them. They are the most special for me since our son was conceived in Hawaii. Good Luck!

    Types of COLD HARDY hibiscus zone 7a?


    Types of COLD HARDY hibiscus zone 7a?
    Your best bet is a Mallow Hibiscus or Texas Star Hibiscus. I live in Zone 7 and have 5 of them. This year they grew over 5 feet tall and wide. They love full sun, and a lot of water.

    The Texas Star is Red, and Mallow comes in Red, White, Pink and a White flower with Red tips.
    Reply:I'm in zone 5, and I have the Lord Baltimore variety. 4 year old plant, 13 stems this year, about 6-8' tall. Ask at your local garden center, NOT HOME DEPOT! I don't think you'll find one now, but in the spring there will be plenty.

    There are many hardy varieties, with many different colors. You might want to add a Rose Mallow. It is a smaller version of hibiscus. Or, a Rose of Sharon tree. Small, beautiful bloomer. All of these do well in my zone 5
    Reply:There are two basic types of hibiscus: a true tropical and a perennial.

    The perennial hibiscus varieties are the hardiest. But, they are still very susceptible to cold temperatures (a hibiscus, after all, is a tropical plant). It dies if exposed to temperatures below freezing. Below the low 40s, it will lose its leaves, but just go dormant. Below the mid 60s, it will grow leaves, but will probably not bloom.

    A true tropical hibiscus is the kind with the showiest flowers that can get up to the size of a dinner plate. But, they are even more susceptible to cold temperatures. They won't even flower if the temperatures don't get above about 70 degrees during the day.

    In areas that get below freezing in the winter, a hibiscus plant must be potted and brought indoors to a sunny location. Even then, it may not bloom or even grow any new foliage until spring.

    Also, when you bring the plant indoors, you should not water it nearly as much as when it was outside. When the plant slows its growth, it doesn't need much water. Overwatering or letting it sit in standing water (in a saucer, for example) will cause root rot and kill the plant.

    The link below discusses some varieties of hibiscus and their hardiness:

    Are hibiscus dicots or manicots?

    Everything she said is right. But sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words. Take a bean or pea seed and rub the skin off of the seed. What have you got? a seed with two halves. When you plant this seed you are going to get two seed leaves or cotyledons. Now try this with a corn seed. Remove the skin and now you have one seed, so one leaf gros you will have one leaf (same as grass)
    Are hibiscus dicots or manicots?
    She's right.
    Reply:Based on t differentiation below; i would say that Hibiscus is a dicot.

    Hibiscus, genus of plants, commonly called rose mallows, of the mallow family. The genus is native to warm, temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. The hibiscus flower is characterized by a five-pointed calyx that is surrounded by a set of colored bracts growing just beneath it, giving the appearance of a double calyx. The large, showy flowers have five petals, a column of fused stamens with kidney-shaped anthers, and several pistils. The fruit is a many-seeded, five-celled pod.

    Flowers: In monocots, flowers are trimerous (number of flower parts in a whorl in threes) while in dicots the flowers are tetramerous or pentamerous (flower parts are in fours or fives).

    Pollen: In monocots, pollen has one furrow or pore while dicots have three.

    Seeds: In monocots, the embryo has one cotyledon while the embryo of the dicot has two.

    Stems: In monocots, vascular bundles in the stem are scattered, in dicots arranged in a ring.

    Roots: In monocots, roots are adventitious, while in dicots they develop from the radicle.

    slice of onion, showing parallel veins in cross section

    slice of onion, showing parallel veins in cross section

    Leaves: In monocots, the major leaf veins are parallel, while in dicots they are reticulate.

    However, these differences are not hard and fast: some monocots have characteristics more typical of dicots, and vice-versa. This is in part because "dicots" are a paraphyletic group with respect to monocots, and some dicots may be more closely related to monocots than to other dicots. In particular, several early-branching lineages of "dicots" share "monocot" characteristics, suggesting that these are not defining characters of monocots. When monocots are compared to eudicots, the differences are more concrete.

    Hope that fits!

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    Pruning a Hibiscus?

    My hibiscus is completely bare except for some small new leaves growing at the base. Should I cut it off all the way to right above the new growth (at the ground) ????
    Pruning a Hibiscus?
    I would leave what you have. You should cut that plant off to low to the ground because you rick it not being able to grow back. You should only prune:

    To train the plant

    To maintain plant health

    To improve the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage or stems

    To restrict growth

    Let the new growth come in and see how it fits your taste. New growth will come. Use fertilizer, think about waterinig more or putting in better light. These changes will encourage growth.

    Friday, January 27, 2012

    I am going to get a tattoo of a hibiscus flower and i was wondering what would be the best color.?

    turqouis, pink, orange, red?? i am a medium skinned white female. thanks
    I am going to get a tattoo of a hibiscus flower and i was wondering what would be the best color.?
    I would go with red but you should really do it in your favorite color. I have a tattoo that is all green mainly because I love that color.
    Reply:well the natural color of the flower ranges from all diffrent colors and shades.... mostly pinks, whites, yellows, oranges and reds.....

    but I agree go with your favorite color it will mean more to you and it will be going on YOUR body not ours, so it comes down to YOU anyways [ and helpful tip if you have any wandering feeling about the color at all dont get it right then and there think about it and maybe talk it out with a close friend it helped me] hope this helps
    Reply:my sister has one on her lower back and she got it kinda orange on the bottom and then on the way up, the orange turned into a red. it looks nice like that %26amp; by your description, you're the same color as her. good luck :]
    Reply:I'm having one done now as part of a much bigger piece. I have the outline and am trying to decide on the color. I am leaning towards red/magenta/purple combo. So the flower has differing shades on its petals.

    Good luck with yours!!
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  • My hibiscus plant has webs with tiny bugs,what are they ? HELP thank you?

    sounds like you may have spider-mites. mix one qt of water, one tsp cooking oil, tsp of dish soap, use in a spray bottle and thouroughly saturate the plant-- tops and bottoms of any leave you may have once a week should prevent the problem from progressing.
    My hibiscus plant has webs with tiny bugs,what are they ? HELP thank you?
    it could be any number of things... if the bugs are black, nearly microscopic, and sereting a shiny, sticky substance, then it could be aphids. If you look at the underside of the leaf and you see tiny little spider webs, it could be spider mites. Use a natural pesticide like neem tree oil (a pyrethrin). Any nursery store should have it!
    Reply:Toss it Rosey, it isn't worth it if you have other plants. If you want to try and save it, O.K. take a soft brush and knock out all the webs Etc. Wipe it off don't use nothing extravagant because you have to watch not to plug the pores on the leaves, you can hardly see them. The dirt ? that's' the question. It could be totally infested with larva (look for it) or eggs(you can't see them) but if you insist, take all the soil out and shake it out and put it in a clean pot with new soil and hope, I guess. Good luck
    Reply:Good answer James. I also add to the mixture a tablespoon of alcohol. Works great. I use it as soon as I see any signs of bugs.... Don't toss it out. Keep spraying and they'll be gone. If I tossed out my plants as they had bugs then I would not have any plants at all.

    Good Luck to you and your plants.

    Does anyone know if ALL hibiscus flowers are edible. If not than which ones are?

    well iguanas just love them it's their favorite food ,thats why we have so many here in Florida.I do know that pansies are edible and also voilets.
    Does anyone know if ALL hibiscus flowers are edible. If not than which ones are?
    Pretty much all hibiscus varities are edible. If it is sold in a nursery then it is. Talking about lawsuit there.
    Reply:Im not sure. We have one outside that is like Red-pink and it's edible. REALLy good.
    Reply:I ate 4 last night with ketchup

    make sure you remove the stamen first
    Reply:And you'd want to eat a flower WHY, exactly?? No idea
    Reply:I would suggest not eating flowers at all...

    How cold hardy can hibiscus be? do they have them in zone 3?

    Yes, there is such a thing as a "Hardy Hibiscus plant". Most are tropical but 3 plant breeding brothers named "Fleming" bred and created a line of very hardy, hybrid plants. They called them the "Moscheutos" variety. They are cold hardy all the way down to -30 degrees! They grow in zone 3 and reach a height of about 30" and grow best in full sun. There are a few different color combinations that come with the "hardy" hibiscus. "Crown Jewel" is a nice one. It is a white flower ruffled with red streaks that radiate from the center eye. Another nice one is "Fantasia". Here is a link with some pics and info on the Fleming Bros. hardy hibiscus. Hope this answers your question.

    **Billy Ray**
    How cold hardy can hibiscus be? do they have them in zone 3?
    Well, there are the tropical Hibiscus that aren't hardy except in like zones 9 %26amp; 10. There are the hardy hibiscus that are hardy zones 5 - 9. However, according to this artical they can survive zone 4 and with special care it is possible to help them survive zone 3.

    I live in zone 7 so I don't have to do anything to my hardy hibiscus. However, I have some idea of what you may have to do to protect yours. Since hardy hibiscus is a woody perennial, they will die back to the ground for the winter. You will need to mulch over you hibiscus heavily to keep it protected from your freezes. Regular mulch will do, but straw is a great way to mulch for the winter. Anyhow, I hope this helps. Believe me that the hardy hibiscus are worth all the work. Although the blooms only last one day, they are in constant bloom and the dinner plate sized flowers are stunning.

    Good Luck

    What's wrrong with my Hibiscus?

    I bought 4 thriving Hibiscus plants. I transferred three of them to large clay pots and the 4th to a tiny little flower bed. The three plants in my big clay pots have all but expired. The 4th in the little raggedy bed is thriving. What did I do wrong? The plants were all pot bound but I was really careful with the roots. Please help me someone!
    What's wrrong with my Hibiscus?
    It sounds like the ones in the pots are not getting the right amount of water. Clay pots are notorious for either drying out too fast, or holding too much water; without knowing other symptoms, it's hard to say. If the leaves are getting brown tips, or in general getting "crispy," then the plants aren't getting enough water; if the plant is turning yellow over all and sagging a bit, it's more likely that they're getting too much water.

    If you live in an area where it gets very dry, then putting a coating of epoxy on the INSIDE of the pot can allow you to use them; it prevents the water from the soil from being absorbed into the pot itself. Likewise, it can help in wet areas to prevent the water in the walls of the pot from overwhelming the soil. That way, you get all the benefits of the plastic barrier, but with the nicer looks of terra cotta.
    Reply:In the past I made the same mistake. You have to give them a drink daily until they make it thru the 1st year. Once they make that they will come back year after year that is if they are hardy. If tropical they will die off after the 1st frost.
    Reply:you might have put them in too big a pot if the leaves turned yellow you forgot to water one day Hibiscus like lots of water the roots might be too root bound take them out of the pot and cut the roots with a sharp knife from top to bottom get a product called Superthrive and follow directions
    Reply:It might not be your fault at all. It is almost too late to buy plants. The upkeep starts suffering near the end of the season. They might not have been watered properly.

    Next year, buy the shrubs the size you want and do not put them in larger pots. You can put their pots down into a prettier pot (no soil needed) if you wish. Make sure it has holes for the water to drain out.

    After a month or so, you can start a liquid fertilizer schedule. Fertilize from every 7 to 14 days. Read and follow the directions on the container.

    Water is the most important thing. Do not let them dry out. This will do them in fast. Plants must have water, even your garden where you have the other shrub.

    Next spring, use time-released fertilizer on your outdoor garden. We use Osmocote. Always read and do what the directions on the container says to do. Water in well. You can plant after you do this OR you can buy bagged compost and spread it about 4 to 6 inches deep in your garden. Water well and then plant.

    Remember, water is the most important thing.
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    Hibiscus for high blood pressure?

    I just read that drinking a tea made of hibiscus flower can lower blood pressure. I'm thinking about trying it, and was just wondering if anyone else drinks this and if it really works.
    Hibiscus for high blood pressure?
    A study, published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, found the hibiscus extract significantly reduced the build up of fatty deposits in arteries and reduced blood cholesterol levels.. Although it's not yet proven enough unlike all other existing alternative medicine. You might as well try those who are already tested like Ginkgo Biloba, Red Yeast and homocysteine. Just a word of advice!
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  • Hibiscus plants..?

    I live in India and have a terrace garden.I have many types of Hibiscus plants in my garden,most of them are red ones.Thay are big enough,but the number of flowers which they get is comparitively less.There is ample sunlight in my garden,i water the plants regularly and also use good quality soil and natural fertilisers.How do I increase their number of flowers,and also the flower size?They are free of insects.
    Hibiscus plants..?
    hi with all my flowers in the garden and my hibiscus plant i dead head them every day , meaning i just pinch off the dead flowers and that makes it produce more and flower for longer , hope this has helped a little love Tracey x
    Reply:u got to probably dig in the soil fronm the sides of the pot and loosen the soil and nourish it with manure from daily kitchen waste. use wasted tea powder
    Reply:Pinch off every flower as soon as they start to wilt
    Reply:The flowers are self dead heading, but the seed pods are not.
    Reply:perhaps reason you have fewer flowers is because the roots have not completely filled the pot. most container plants need to be root bound before producing flowers.

    the size of the flower is due to the variety of the plant.

    when using fertilizer you should check the package for the numbers. the first number is for top growth (leaves and branches), the second number is for blooms, and the third number is for root development. be certain the middle number is the highest number. use a weak solution of fert to water every time you water to insure profuse blooms.

    hope this helps. :)

    Edited to add: hibiscus are self dead-heading. no need to pinch off the spent blooms as they will fall off the next day.
    Reply:plant food it the key to large flowers the size of dinner plates and as much as 12 flowers a day. you may need some store bought fertilizers as well. also do you prune them back because it only flowers on new growth

    Why isn't my hibiscus blooming?

    I bought a hibiscus last year and it bloomed all summer. For the winter I took it inside and when spring came I pruned it. It grown a lot in hieght but there are still no blooms.
    Why isn't my hibiscus blooming?
    Patience. If your giving it enough sun it will start to bloom.

    Careful not to over fertilize with high nitrogen products. If you did, switch to a 6-12-6, but don't fertilize for awhile. The plant will make alot of leaves now but will eventually stabelize.

    Love hibiscus. Reminds me of vacation.

    Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie?

    Can someone remined me what this book is about? i have an exam on it in the morning and have handed in the book a long time ago. Can not find the plot in internt, sparknotes doent' have it.

    15 minutes ago - 1 week left to answer.

    Additional Details

    7 minutes ago

    wikipedia doesn't have a lot.

    buying a book will take a few days) and exam is in 11 hours
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    Are hibiscus poisoinous?

    just wondering

    can anyone help me out on this one?
    Are hibiscus poisoinous?
    no there not

    You can get a listing of plants that are poisonous from Dr. Sue's poisonous plant list.

    Hibiscus flower - what they call in Tamil?

    chembaruththi poo (????????????? ??) - poo (??) means flower
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  • Which part of the hibiscus flower is the seed?

    As the flowers die, do not cut them off. The seed is at the base of each flower. The flower will fall off the stem and you will see a small green ball. These will grow bigger and turn black/brown with the seeds inside. At this point, the seeds have dried. You can now cut off the pods with the seeds inside.

    (Be sure to soak them a couple of days before planting.)

    During the seed making time, be sure to keep you hibiscus watered. It still needs plenty of water.
    Which part of the hibiscus flower is the seed?
    On hibiscus you are better off doing "hard cuttings" ...I lived in the Florida Keys 6 years and turned one hibiscus tree into 12..simply cut at an angle some of the fresher greener looking new growth on them, stalks about 8 to 10 inches long, dip them in "root stimulator" available at any garden center, wal mart, home depot etc.....Then plant them in the soil..straight to where you want to plant them...they will grow..pull the leaves off except top 2 or 3 sets on these cuttings....You can do a Water propogation as well if you like..heres a link on it

    What is the scientific name for the hibiscus flower?

    Hibiscus is both the common and botanical name.

    It's also the state flower of Hawaii.

    A great source with pictures and more informations is:

    Hibiscus syriacus are, I believe a Rose of Sharon.

    There also also the tropical hibiscus, very common with growers and a winter hardy hibiscus, Hibiscus Moscheuto

    The common hibiscus is believed to be from China, as the botanical name suggests. It's Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

    Happy gardening
    What is the scientific name for the hibiscus flower?
    Hibiscus flower

    Scientific classification

    Kingdom: Plantae

    Division: Magnoliophyta

    Class: Magnoliopsida

    Order: Malvales

    Family: Malvaceae

    Genus: Hibiscus

    Reply:I always thought the scientific name was hibiscus - then there are many variations of the species....hibiscus rosa etc, etc.
    Reply:HIBISCUS Syriacus (Shrubby Mallow).
    Reply:Hibiscus riliaceus L. or Hau
    Reply:My aunt has no idea so definately i don't!!!!!My mom jaa she must have i'll answer you later that is after abou say a 1000 years which is a second a million dollars that is a penny so don't ask me for a penny cause i can't live for a sec
    roots rain

    In hibiscus plant why puds dried up before it comes to a flower? remody please.?

    Try checking for THRIPS. Pull down the petals and look for longer bugs that are hanging out. (they are tiny)

    Winterizing roses, elephant ears, and hibiscus?

    I live in Texas, just south of Fort Worth, so we haven't had our first freeze yet (should be in about 3 weeks or so). My above-mentioned plants are all "dead" (...sleeping?) and I don't know how to care for them so they come back next season.

    Do I chop them off at soil level? Do I leave what is dead-looking and just wait it out until next season? WHAT DO I DO!??!!!

    ANY HELP is greatly appreciated!
    Winterizing roses, elephant ears, and hibiscus?
    Howdy neighbor! I live in San Antonio and will tell you what i have experienced for nearly forty years in the business. Yes, you want to trim all dead foliage off. The hibiscus is no doubt a perennial variety. The elephant ears and the hibiscus can be trimmed to the ground. I recommend to clients that they should mulch the root zone of both plants with 2-4 inches hardwood mulch. The winterizing roses are puzzling. If you speaking of the nearly wild or knock-out roses then trim as other rose bushes. Remember all roses bloom on new wood. If you are referring to the groundcover type roses, then not much in the way of pruning will be required. All plants benefit from mulching; it's like pulling the blanket up to their ears in the cold weather.
    Reply:Cut them off at the top of ground, place some fertilize around about inch from plant, Then mulch pretty heavy. Plants then will start taking food early and grow faster in spring.
    Reply:roses leave alone

    elephant ears chop to the ground

    Hibiscus is it the tropical one or the temperate one. the tropical one may not survive your winter,but the temperate one just cut to the ground. the temperate one has flowers that are normally white, red, or pink. tropical ones have a larger variety

    What is the stomatal density on the upper and lower epidermis of hibiscus and colacasia leaves?

    hibiscus is mesophyte and colacasia is monocot
    What is the stomatal density on the upper and lower epidermis of hibiscus and colacasia leaves?
    We wonder why you ask this question? Do you have reason to believe that stomatal density is related to whether a plant is a dicot or monocot?

    The most significant difference between the stomata of monocots and dicots is the design of the guard cells - the monocots having the dumbell type, and dicots the pair-of -sausage type. Also the monocots have them arranged in regular arrays, whereas the dicots have more of a crazy-paving of them!

    The role of stomata is to enable gaseous exchange whilst trying to minimise the consequent water loss.

    We guess that stomatal density stated in terms of "number of stomata per square mm" would also depend on the size of the stomata. Some plants may have many small stomata whilst others have few large ones. However, each would aim to achieve the same effect in terms of gaseous exchange and water evaporation.

    Monocots have stomata on both the "upper" and "lower" surfaces of their leaves, whilst SOME (but not ALL) dicots have stomata on only one surface (usually the lower one), so on this basis, to achieve the same effect, a monocot may need half the stomatal density of a dicot of a type with stomata on only one surface. However, many dicots have stomata on BOTH surfaces and some aquatic plants with floating leaves have stomata on the upper surface, so it is not possible to generalise about ALL monocots and ALL dicots.

    However, as a "stoma" is strictly speaking, the hole in the structure, we might guess that the total stomatal area per square mm of leaf surface would be the same for the same amount of gaseous exchange/transpiration.

    We would normally expect stomatal density to be related to the climate in which the plant is adapted to grow. Some cacti have no leaves, but green stems instead, perhaps because there is a lower stomatal density on stems than on leaves - the leaves have been reduced to the spines on the cactus. The stomata on such xerophytes may be in deep pits or in the folds of leaves. We would guess that xerophytes have a lower stomatal density than mesophytes.

    A monocot which is good for studying is Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia) becasue the epidermis peels off so easily.
    Reply:it is Colocasia...

    depends on the shade variance. The more shade the less density.
    Reply:As you already know, there are fewer stoma on any upper surface of leaves. To find the difference in density per unit area one would need to either count them (perhaps using a binocular type, microscope) or find someone who has.

    Query a botany department in a university of your choice for source information. Perhaps The Department of Agriculture in Washington, D. C.
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  • What is the stomatal density on the upper and lower epidermis of hibiscus and colacasia leaves?

    hibiscus is mesophyte and colacasia is monocot
    What is the stomatal density on the upper and lower epidermis of hibiscus and colacasia leaves?
    It's not quite so clear cut. Stomatal density has been shown to vary depending on the age of the plant, the environmental conditions such as light and water, and the genetic influences. Not to mention the specific species of each that you're concerned with!

    Having said that, one article cites 170-220 per mm^2 in the lower epidermis as a typical amount (link below).
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    I have a beautiful Hibiscus Plant that gives me many buds but many of these buds, never develop to flower?

    Look closely at the you see any tiny bugs? Spray pesticides like fish oils found at Lowes or Home Depot work great. They are safe to use too. These bugs like to go into the bud under the green leaf before it opens. They feast on this bud. If no bugs, check the water . Let the soil be almost dry before you water again. Fertilizer is a must. Don't over fertilize. Use a time release like the miracle grow or dynamite granules and repeat once every 3 months. Sunlight - 4 hours moderate to bright sun daily a minimum. Don't let the plants get scorched. If it is in a might be time to get a bigger pot.
    I have a beautiful Hibiscus Plant that gives me many buds but many of these buds, never develop to flower?
    Two things I've found are that they're real pigs for sun, and they need to be fertilized. I keep my plants, blooming and otherwise, on a regular fertilzation schedule, and since I started that everything blooms. But I have a southeast window, too, so they're bombarded with sunshine for many hours, even in winter.
    Reply:I have one at home. They need a lot of sun lights, and they only flower at a high enough tempeature.

    Where can i find hibiscus stretchable book covers?

    besides office depot and staples places

    give stores around arcadia,montebello,montery park,punete hills
    Where can i find hibiscus stretchable book covers?
    WalMart has them. My daughter has some on her school books.
    Reply:I got mine at Goodwill. . .$1.00
    Reply:I think they are "warming up" at their yoga class.

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I hope you get plenty of "good" answers to your question and find what you need to know.


    Your plant is shutting down for the season.
    A picture would be helpful.
    Reply:Possibly hibiscus beetle! Google it!
    Reply:It does depend on the time of the year. If the buds are in their prime, your plant may be the victim of Japanese beetle. I found Japanese beetles on the leaves of my hibiscus during prime season. They were hiding out in the leaves just waiting to attack the buds. I went out at dusk with a container of soapy water and knocked the beetles into the soapy water. It kills them quite fast and you dont have to touch them. Look for chew holes and possible skeletonizing of some bottom leaves to confirm Japanese beetle.
    Reply:the time of year

    Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie?

    Can someone remined me what this book is about? i have an exam on it in the morning and have handed in the book a long time ago. Can not find the plot in internt, sparknotes doent' have it.
    Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie?
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  • Does the hibiscus flower symbolize anything?

    Like, in Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in the water so the gods turned him into a flower,etc. Anything like that for hibiscus?
    Does the hibiscus flower symbolize anything?
    One myth is that Aphrodite convinced Myrrha to commit incest with her father Theias. She became pregnant and after hearing this Theias threatened to kill her. She hid in a forest where Aphrodite (regretting what she had made happen) turned her into a myrrh tree. Theias struck the tree with an arrow, where Adonis emerged transformed into a hibiscus. Theias noticed nothing, so continued on his quest. Aphrodite, however, noticed how beautiful the flower was and cast a spell on it, which changed Adonis back into his human form. Aphrodite was so entranced by his beauty that she entrusted him to Persephone, who refused to give him back. Calliope ended the argument by allowing Adonis to spend one third of the year with one goddess, and two-thirds with the other. He always chose Aphrodite for the two-thirds.
    Reply:Do you know anything Report It

    My hibiscus plants are being eaten away by tiny 1-2 mm white waxy insects.please tell me the remedy for this.?

    the top growth which is tender is eaten away by these insects.growth of the plants are stunted.can i use some fertilizers for the same?please reply asap...
    My hibiscus plants are being eaten away by tiny 1-2 mm white waxy insects.please tell me the remedy for this.?
    Dear Friend,

    It is a Millibug insect.It is completely removed by applying insecticide spray.Name of insecticide is Immidaclorpid (Tatamid).You take 5ml in 12 lits. of water with 15ml any type of sticker to effactive results.You apply this spray every 15-days upto 3-months.Also apply Phorate-10G(One table spoon for each plants aroud the stem of plant upto !/2-m area in soil.
    Reply:The best insecticide is ' Go mutra', Cows urine. sprinkle on the plant and see the difference. The insect will not attack the plant and flowering will be good. If it persists drain some Go mutra in the roots as well.


    Sanjay Singh

    Reply:Sounds like Aphids. Find out where you can buy some Lady Bugs. They eat Aphids and will do no harm elsewhere. If you have other plants they may get eaten by Aphids also.
    Reply:you could buy some powder call seven dust and it works very well, and will not kill your plants

    it helps get rid of all the insects and worms that may eat could get it at wal-mart in the insecticide isle.
    Reply:Try boiling tobacco in water, cool it, dilute it with water at 1:30 and mix some detergent soap and spray. Try various dilutions and find out the best dilution that works out for you...All the best!
    Reply:Let the insects eat the flowers.Nature can not be wrong. I have

    stopped the killings manually as well as insecticides. The results

    are astounding. They automatically disappeared and the number of flowers increased.We human beings will never be able to know the mysteries of GOD. And GOD himself is present in the nature and is managing it with excellent precision

    which is beyond human imagination and brain.

    (hahhaa hwzit)
    Reply:Do not grow the PLANT...!!!

    he hhehe ehhehee..................

    How do you say hibiscus in chinese? if you could please leave the pinyin and hanzi that would be most apprecia

    appreciated*** hanzi and pinyin

    How do you say hibiscus in chinese? if you could please leave the pinyin and hanzi that would be most apprecia

    Reply:We call it 大红花 = da4 hong2 hua1

    大 = big

    红 = red

    花 = flower

    Direct translation is Big red flower. But the actual name is hibiscus.

    fu2 rong2

    I guess
    Reply:According to my knowledge and further investigation, hibiscus is not something called "Big Red Flower". Actually, "BRF" refers to a really big, red flower, which can be of any species or genus.

    Both "mujin" and "furong" is taxonomically right. I bet, however, many Chinese people won't know what you are talking about if you mention "mujin" to them. "Furong" is much more acceptable in Chinese popular culture.

    Hope that helps

    Does anyone have any ideas on bright, wild hibiscus tattoos for an African American?

    I don't get the question - that is your idea - bring it to a tattoo artist, see what they come up with to discuss size, etc.
    Does anyone have any ideas on bright, wild hibiscus tattoos for an African American?
    maybe going up your side? that would be really nice.
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    What's wrong w/ my hibiscus plant?

    I have a pretty large hibiscus plant that has always done wonderfully, however lately it is looking kind of thin and has a lot of yellow leaves on it, what should I do? I've never had one of these plants (or hardly any plants) before so I don't know anything about pruning it or anything. Help would be greatly appreciated!!
    What's wrong w/ my hibiscus plant?
    This is a potted Hibiscus? They are heavy feeders, and they should be pruned. use a 15-30-15 fertilizer, cut back half of the tallest branches to just above the lowest leaf. They like lots of sun. Old leaves turn yellow and drop, if the new growth looks good, don't be too concerned. a good feed and pruning will encourage new branching and growth from a lower level.
    Reply:you're probably not watering it enough but plants get yellow if you water them too much.
    Reply:It does sound over watered for two reasons.

    1. Yellow leaves usually mean too much water

    2. Thin and spindly means that it does not have enough nutrition.

    That would happen if you were washing out all the nutrition in the soil by over watering!

    The last possibility is that you are overfeeding it.

    That will burn off the roots as too much plant food builds up too much salt in the pot.

    The roots cannot take up either food or water if they are burned, so yellow leaves and a weak plant will be the result.

    If you feed every time you water, and you water more than once a week. STOP!

    Once a week or when the earth is crumbly, and no food for a month of watering. Good luck!
    Reply:If it is hardy it needs to be prined and watered, and fetilize it heavey.
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  • How much sun and water does a hibiscus need to bloom?

    hibiscus plants are native to Hawaii. So a lot of water is needed. If you live in a dry as a bone area, I will tell you right now it will not live long. I used to live in Texas and I had a hibiscus plant, I loved it. Where I lived I didn't need to water them too much. I lived in a humid near the beach area. The plant needs full sun. Since Hawaii is near the Equator and get a lot of sun. Unless you live in a far south place, it needs full sun.
    How much sun and water does a hibiscus need to bloom?
    Need to be more specific. Is it tropical?

    If any one have read "Purple Hibiscus" please tel me what happened after the call about the fathers death?

    It is difficult to describe the oppression that haunts every page of the brilliant novel Purple Hibiscus. Sure, it could be the oppressive heat described so well by the young author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, brought about by the harsh African harmattan winds. Or it could be the force of an unquestioned faith in religion. But in Purple Hibiscus, the worst kind of oppression is the stifling power of abuse — verbal, mental, and physical abuse wrought by Kambili’s father, “Papa".

    Papa is an interesting character study — a person so completely sold on the superiority of the Western mode of thought and action, especially through religion, that he will stop at nothing to see it enforced in his own house. He is at once consumed by raw extremes of passion—extreme love and, worse, extreme anger. His family, including the protagonist, Kambili, live every minute in sheer terror, looking upon Papa for constant approval. Adichie’s descriptions of Papa’s stifling presence are extremely well done—one’s heart bleeds for the family.

    During one particularly telling episode, Kambili has stood second in her class at school and the sheer terror in her voice is scary — one waits with bated breath for the nasty consequences that are sure to follow:

    “The Reverend Sisters gave us our cards unsealed. I came second in my class. It was written in figures: “2/25.” My form mistress, Sister Clara, had written, “Kambili is intelligent beyond her years, quiet and responsible.” The principal, Mother Lucy, wrote, “A brilliant, obedient student and a daughter to be proud of.” But I knew Papa would not be proud. He had often told Jaja and me that he did not spend so much money on Daughters of the Immaculate Heart and St. Nicholas to have us let other children come first…I wanted to make Papa proud, to do as well as he had done. I needed him to touch the back of my neck and tell me I was fulfilling God’s purpose. I needed him to hug me close and say that to whom much is given, much is also expected. I needed him to smile at me, in that way that lit up his face, that warmed something inside me. But I had come second. I was stained by failure.”

    Eventually Kambili and her brother Jaja get a taste of freedom when their aunt Ifeoma takes them away for a little vacation to her country home. Yet even here, while the two are free from their father’s physical presence, they can understandably never shake off their father’s shadow. Every time the phone rings, Kambili quakes in fear.

    All around them, Nigeria is slowly disintegrating just as the family slowly does. A violent coup causes Aunt Ifeoma to leave the country for America. Adichie makes some political statements here, “these are the people [Westerners in general] who think that we cannot rule ourselves because the few times that we tried, we failed, as if all the others who rule themselves today got it right the first time. It is like telling a crawling baby who tries to walk, and then falls on his buttocks, to stay there. As if the adults walking past him did not all crawl, once.” These political statements might be lost on the reader only because Kambili’s own personal tragedy seems so much more urgent and dangerous.

    Kambili and Jaja along with their long-suffering mother eventually liberate themselves from the tyranny of their father. It is a questionable freedom, though. Like any survivor of abuse, Kambili finds that release without closure is small success. “Silence hangs over us [now],” she says toward the end of Purple Hibiscus, “but it is a different kind of silence. One that lets me breathe. I have nightmares about the other kind, the silence of when Papa was alive. In my nightmares, it mixes with shame and grief and so many other things that I cannot name, and forms blue tongues of fire that rest above my head, like Pentecost, until I wake up screaming and sweating.”

    Purple Hibiscus is so stunningly good it is hard to believe that its author was just twenty-five years old when she wrote it. Her debut novel proves beyond a doubt that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of the most powerful young voices to recently emerge from Africa.

    A blurb on the back cover of the book says that Purple Hibiscus is one of the strongest debuts since Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things. I agree. However, Roy, it seems, has found Small Things a difficult act to follow up. One hopes that Adichie doesn’t find a fresh start quite so daunting a task. We need to hear from her; time might indeed heal all wounds, but we need to hear that Kambili is better now. What a treat it would be to know that Kambili has now savored true freedom for a while —that freedom for her, is no longer a rare, fragrant, purple hibiscus.

    How to preserve and plant seeds from a perennial hibiscus plant?

    Why do you want to 'preserve' them? Are you moving? If you really need to preserve them you can just put the seeds (pod and all if you want) into a baggie and keep them in the fridge. I keep seeds of whatever in bags in the butter compartment of my fridge. When it's time for seeds then to form in the following seasons, take them out and sprinkle them on the ground where you want them to grow. You can cover them a bit, if you want or just let them fall to the ground. That's how they re-seed themselves naturally. I love my hibiscus and have them growing everywhere. I spread them with this method. Though I had no reason to 'preserve' them as I was just adding them to other beds in my yard. I have sent seeds home with friends and reletives from other states and they all have flowers growing from these seed starts.
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    Wat do u like about the hibiscus flower?

    just wondering
    Wat do u like about the hibiscus flower?
    it's so beautiful, so tropical. We've seen it in Hawaii, and the smell is so wonderful. ~~
    Reply:They are big and pretty. I think they are also easy to grow
    Reply:I like the size of the blooms---saw one this summer that was 10 inches across---I measured it--beautiful!
    Reply:exotic, pretty.
    Reply:It's one of the few flowering plants I do like, it's my hardy rose. Beautiful vibrant colours and the different petal structures. Add a blossom over you ear and it brightens anybody's face.
    Reply:Beautiful colors, large flowers. But the blooms don't last long.
    Reply:HIBISCUS (Hibiscus spp.)

    Folk Names: Kharkady - Arabic, Rose Mallow

    Part Used - Incense: Flowers, essence

    Scent: Bitter, tart

    Gender: Feminine

    Planet: Venus, (Moon)

    Element: Water

    Powers: Lust, love, divination

    Magical Uses: The flowers of a red hibiscus are brewed into a strong red tea which is drunk for its lust-inducing powers. This drink is forbidden to women in Egypt for this very reason.

    The blossoms have also been used in love incenses and sachets. They are placed in wreaths in marriage ceremonies in the tropics.

    Sorcerers in Dobu in the Western Pacific divine in a wooden bowl of water onto which are placed a few hibiscus flowers.

    Clairvoyance, contact other planes, determination, divination, harmony, peace, psychic development %26amp; growth, tranquility.

    The small of hibiscus flowers is very disappointing. To get the sweet small of fresh hibiscus, you must use essence.

    Healing Uses

    Part Used: Seeds

    Properties and Uses: Antispasmodic, nervine, stomachic. An emulsion made from the seeds is said to be useful for spasmodic problems; an emulsion made with milk can be used for itchy skin. In Egypt, the seeds are chewed to relieve stomach problems, to sooth the nerves, and to sweeten the breath. Egyptians also consider the seeds to have aphrodisiac powers.
    Reply:It's very exotic looking and comes in a variety of beautiful colors.
    Reply:The cool colors it comes in - yellow, orange and pink.
    Reply:all of the colors

    Hibiscus tree care?

    I recently bought 2 hibiscus trees. When the flowers die and shrivel up I've been letting them fall off or else just pinching the flower off. Do I need to pinch off any of hte stem that the bud grew on or just pinch off the flower petal part ?
    Hibiscus tree care?
    Just pinch the flower.
    Reply:For the houseplant Hibiscus rosa-china

    Prefers a well-drained humus rich fertile soil in a warm, sheltered position in full sun[200, 260]. A very ornamental plant[1], it is not very frost-tolerant and needs to be grown in essentially frost-free areas. It might succeed outdoors in the very mildest areas of the country if given a very sheltered warm position. Alternatively, it might be possible to grow the plant as a tender annual by starting it off early in a warm greenhouse. If well-grown it can flower and set seed in its first year. This species grows very well in a frost-free conservatory in Northern Europe so long as it is in a sunny position and free from draughts[260]. Plants will often lose most of their leaves in cool winters, though they will normally regenerate quickly as the warmer weather returns[260]. The flowers of Chinese hibiscus are very important in Hindu devotional ceremonies, being sacred to the Elephant God, Ganesh[238]. Individual flowers are short-lived, in many modern cultivars the flowers wither after 24 hours though in many of the older cultivars they can last for 48 hours[260]. There are many named forms, selected for their ornamental value[200].


    Seed - sow early spring in a warm greenhouse. Germination is usually fairly rapid. Prick out the seedlings into individual pots when they are large enough to handle. If growing them as annuals, plant them out into their permanent positions in early summer and protect them with a frame or cloche until they are growing away well. If hoping to grow them as perennials, then it is better to grow them on in the greenhouse for their first year and to plant them out in early summer of the following year. Cuttings of half-ripe wood, July/August in a frame. Overwinter them in a warm greenhouse and plant out after the last expected frosts.

    The flowers last only one day but are so numerous you get flowers all year as long as you give it plenty of sunlight.

    You can prune the tree by pinching the branches 1/3 of the length of the branch. In fall or winter your hibiscus may drop leaves and become dormant. Just water when the soil is almost dry.

    Other hardy hibiscus like the rose of sharon

    Prune after flowers to the height you want if disired.
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  • I have ants living on/in my do I get rid of them?

    Actually the ants don't live in the tree; they will have a nest somewhere close-probably in the ground. There is a product called Tanglefoot which is sticky. Put it around the base of your plant. Either your plant has scale or aphids. The ants actually act as a transportation company for these sucking insects. The scale or aphid is drawing out juices from the plant. Then they in turn, secrete "honey dew" which the ants take back to their nest. When the scale no longer has any nourishment to draw from the plant, the ant moves it to a location that has more plant nutrients to draw from-so it's a cycle. However, if the ant is unable to get to the source, it will no longer be able to transport the scale--which is unable to transport itself. If it is an aphid-then squirt with mildly soapy water twice a day for about a half week. Also you could put Terro ant powder at the base of your bush if you want to go with an insecticide--but kinda cover it so pets or wildlife don't eat it. Good luck.
    I have ants living on/in my do I get rid of them?
    If you can follow their trail back to the hole, I have heard that you can put yellow corn meal around the top of the hole. They carry it back to the nest, feast, and when they drink water, they um, well, explode. Not the nicest way, but at least they were happy - well- up until they drank too much....And there are no chemicals for your pets or kids to get in. If you want chemicals, Terro liquid is great. You just squeeze a few drops in something they can get into, like a flat lid, I usually drizzle a little on their trail and over to the bait station, and they do the rest. (Keep it refilled as necessary, until they are all gone!)
    Reply:Use Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of ants %26amp; other pests on your Hibiscus. It will cut through their exoskeleton and they will dehydrate and die.

    P.S. Hose down your plant with a strong spray of water first to knock off aphids, if you have think you might have them on your Hibiscus.

    Good luck! Some interesting suggestions on how to get rid of ants:
    Reply:They like hibiscus when aphids are living on them because aphids leave a honey-like secretion that the ants like. Use a systemic spray and/or soap solution to control aphids.