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Anyone know a good source of pyruvate? details...?

Where is it found in highest concentrations (excluding metabolic processes)?

Is it found in dark red foods, such as dark red apple skins, red wines, or specifically, HIBISCUS?

Plus any ideas about the benefits or effects?
Anyone know a good source of pyruvate? details...?
Pyruvate is available in generic formulations from numerous manufacturers. Branded products include Pyruvate Burn (Gen), Pyruvate Fuel (Twinlab), Pyruvate 1000 (Pinnacle), Diet Pyruvate (Source Naturals).Entry C00022 Compound

Name Pyruvate;

Pyruvic acid;


2-Oxopropanoic acid;

Pyroracemic acid

Formula C3H4O3

Mass 88.016

Nutritional supplements are important for at least two simple reasons. The first is that many of us rely overly too much on fast foods and highly processed foods. And the second rationale for nutritional supplements is that evidence continues to mount that many of the nutrients and health promoting substances that we might take to achieve optimum health levels cannot be obtained through normal diet alone.
Reply:Pyruvate, a salt form of pyruvic acid, is available in small amounts from some vegetables and fruits, dark beers and red wine. It is a by product of sugar metabolism, so the human body produces all it needs, unless there is some metabolic anomoly.
Reply:Pyruvate is the result of metabolism of glucose known as glycolysis. The only known source of pyruvate is metabolism in cells. There are no other ways of getting pyruvate other than from metabolic processes. You can isolate it in the lab but if you want to obtain it any other way other than by means of glycolysis it is insufficient. I am don't know if certain foods are more rich in pyruvate than other foods. I would think that foods or meats with higher concentrations of glucose also give way to higher concentrations of pyruvate.
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Beach and period?

ok.... i started my period today (just my luck) and anyway i was going to go to the beach tomorrow. i wear tampons but i am still afraid of the blood and shark thing. where we go.... there are lots of "small" sharks -mostly hammerhead... if that makes a difference- but.... i am thinking of not going now :( i am terrified of the idea of sharks. also i would probably be at the beach for about 8hrs. and when i first start my period it tends to be some what heavy. there is no bathroom where we go (we have to go in the water) so i am afraid of that issue of if i need to change my tampon. i would use supers but i have never used those before and i know they have a thing with TSS and idk. what should i do? i would absolutely hate to leak at the beach :(

oh and my bathing suit is black with white hibiscus flowers on it so thats good i guess.
Beach and period?
Hmm, tough one. I would say if the bleeding isn't heavy than it's probably ok to go in the water, just not too far out. If your period is already heavy then maybe it's something you should think twice about. As far as I know it's never been proven that a women menstruating in the water will attract a shark but I guess you just can't be too careful. Oh and btw hammerhead sharks are not small!! Yikes!!
Reply:i have a really good answer! don't go to the beach! or just stay out of the water.
Reply:u should be fine. if it makes u feel better, dont go in deeper than mid chest. i doubt u will get n e stains, but have fresh tampons. dont worry about tss, jus change the tampon wen u can. have fun!
Reply:Tampax/Kotex/OB/Playtex super plus absorbency tampons.

Nothing to worry about. You can wear your tampon for tomorrow but make sure that you are in the water. What will happen is that your periods will stop for the duration of time you are close contact with water.

Don't worry about sharks just make sure you are close by to the shore.

Have a good day at the beach : )

Take Care

Iguana not growing?

I have two iguanas, one, the female, is only two and a half feet long and shes 3 years old. Why is she so small? I give her a diet of calcium sprinkled collard greens, mustard greens, yellow squash and the occassional hibiscus. The male is 1'9 and he isn't growin much either. They have their proper lizard heat bulb and a uvb light and a huge cage plus a shallow bowl thats big enough to get in a good soak. Their green iguanas and Im starting to get concerned that their so small, is it just because they havent hit their growth spurt yet? Ive taken them to a vet and they completely ignored the growth question and just started rounding up a surgrey cost because the female had a small bump on her leg, which we took her two a new vet and a few daily doses of medication cured it, obviously they didn't know what they were doing. Am I just having motherly worries or is this something I should really be concerned about?
Iguana not growing?
Just because iguanas can get huge doesn't mean all will, it sounds like they are healthy and well cared for, don't worry. Also iguanas grow slowly as they get older
Reply:maybe you haven't notice unless you have measured her, if so she just different not all iguana including animals of all kind grow at the same time they just different kinda like when you have a friend and he the same age as you, what the chance of him being the same height as you

but if this didn't help you i hope someone else give you a better answer or go to a vet or find a vet that specialize in reptiles on the internet and see if they provide their email and ask them

I've don this before checking for a email of a vet online
Reply:make sure you give your iguana plenty of fruit and veggie variety,

like carrots shredded, kale, squash like you give them now and lots of other healthy fruits. I had one and my vet said that as long as he was a good green color and active he was OK. good luck. also check with your local pet store and see if there is anything else you can give to them.

Which tattoo do you like better? Where should I put it?

This one #1

This one #2

Or this one #3
Which tattoo do you like better? Where should I put it?
i like the second one...........................

it be really cute on your ankle..........
Reply:i like the 1st one. and i would put it where the model is wearing it. good luck!
Reply:number 3. I'm sleeved and 70% of my body.

i used to do tat's in seattle.

put in on your shoulder on your back
Reply:second or third
Reply:I like the 2nd one. You should put it on the back of your shoulder or on your lower waist
Reply:The third one.
Reply:I don't particularly care for any of them, but my favorite is the second one.

Keep in mind that, if you have to second guess yourself about which design to get, it is highly likely that you won't like it in the future. Make sure you are picking the right one.
Reply:I like 2, the pink hibiscus flower. It depends if this is your first or not. If it is, maybe your back shoulder, or above your ankle. Ask your tattoo artist, they might be able to help with placement and positioning it to look good on you.
Reply:number two on the ankle (small)
Reply:neither they're tacky!
Reply:the third and i would get it on my hip
Reply:1. Lower back on the left or right-hand side. It'd be cute for the picture to peek out whenever you jeans slide down a little.

2. I don't like this one.

3. This would be cute low on the front of your body, right above where your pantyline line would be if you're wearing low risers... I hope that made sense!
Reply:I like the flower on the third one, but I would probably ask the artist to add some leaves instead of the green fill. (But that's just me). Maybe you could put it on your shoulder blade, hip, or foot?
Reply:I like the 2nd one the best but id be mad if that was my tattoo and someone was going to get the same one. so id show that to your artist and see if they can change it up a little. id get it either on your hip or smaller on the top of ur foot
Reply:remember one day you will have kids and strech marks through tattooes are erally bad so not on the front hip. I would say somewhere where you wont gain wait in the future. Dont use one of those designs, make your own. this is something that is on your skin for life so make sure you love it.
Reply:i like either #1 or #2 only because i'm not a big fairy person and i like flowers a lot better. but its honestly up to you, and which one you would like better on your body.

the foot is always a nice place to put a tattoo. but it just depends on what you get, how big you get it, and where you want to put it. but another good place could be on your sholderblade.

i hope this helped! :)
Reply:I like the third one the most becuase I think as you get older(80s and 90s) the faerie will seem a little more childish. The second flower is very pretty and it seems like a more timeless flower. I would put it on the inside of your ancle or your should put it on a shoulder blade. You may consider a place that would be easy to cover up for job interviews or if you dislike it later on.
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  • Anyone have these recipes please? you may already know i have just returned from a wonderfull fortnights stay in sharm el sheik (sierra/savoy hotel ) would highly reccomend- along with all the cultural trips fantastic-can,t wait to return) at breakfast we were served the most delicous of pancakes accompanied by chocolate/caramel sauce with a variety of coconut or raison toppings...does anyone have the recipe please.(sauces also if possible).also how do i buy/make the very refreshing hibiscus cordial/.juice drink..can only find the rosehip-hibiscus mixture teabags here and its not the same..thanks.....rose
    Anyone have these recipes please?
    Hello Rose,

    First of all i am glad u had such a wonderful time and i hope u do come and visit Egypt and Sharm again.

    I am quite sure that the pancakes u were served were different from the ones u r used to coz they serve a type of crepe and not pancake in most hotels in Sharm.

    Here is my recipe to make good home made crepes:

    1 cup flour

    2 tablespoons of melted butter or a 1/4 of a cup of oil

    1/4 tea spoon salt

    1 egg

    (i add 1 teaspoon of sugar if i am going to use them for sweet crepes) optional.

    You don't need a special pan to make crepes, a small nonstick pan will work just fine. Whisk everything in a bowl until smooth. The batter will be watery.

    Heat up a nonstick pan over medium-high heat. Using a ladle pour the batter right in the middle of the pan till u get the size u want. You have to coat the pan first with some butter (a very light coat though). In a few seconds the sides will turn golden and start turning upwards from the pan and all the watery batter would have cooked from yr side up. Flip it to the other side and leave in for a few more seconds then serve.

    If it is still not the ones u want check out this site it has all the pancake recipes u could want

    As for the sauces, sorry i use ready made chocolate or caramel sauce. i even add some bananas and fold the crepe in half or quarter and pour the chocolate syrup onto it.

    Now, the hibiscus drink, the teabags mixture will never taste the same, u have to buy them from supermarkets or shops selling them. then u take a cup of hibiscus mixture (they look like a dried dark red roses) and put them in 1 liter of cold water for i day, (preferable, coz they also help to lower the blood pressure this way). There is a quicker way, if u put them in hot water for an hour then put them in the fridge and just strain them and drink straight away.

    Hope i helped.

    edit: i forgot to tell u to add sugar according to yr liking to the strained hibiscus drink.
    Reply:Actually am not that good cooking chef but there is a real good site I learned everything to cook using it

    I beleive you'll find what you want
    roots rain

    Safe tea's during first trimester?

    Im really confused regarding safe non-caffinated teas. I figured herbal teas would be best since they are caffeine free so I started reading some sites and some people say some teas are safe but other say differently.

    I really enjoy drinking Lipton Herbal Lemon tea. It contains hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel, roasted chicory root, lemon grass and citric acid.

    Can anyone help me to figure out if this would be safe to drink? I am 8 weeks and 3 days.
    Safe tea's during first trimester?
    You should not have hibiscus.

    Which teas are not safe?

    Many of the herbs used for teas, when taken in large or medicinal amounts, can potentially stimulate the uterus and induce miscarriage. These include anise, catnip, chamomile, comfrey, ephedra (called ma huang in traditional Chinese medicine), European mistletoe, hibiscus, horehound, Labrador, lemongrass, licorice root, mugwort, pennyroyal, raspberry leaf, rosemary, sage, sassafras, stinging nettle leaf, vetiver, and yarrow.

    Although some midwives use raspberry leaf (also known as red raspberry leaf) to aid delivery, its effectiveness hasn't been proven. In any case, it should be used only near term and under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Avoid the rest of the herbs in this list during pregnancy and lactation.

    Note: You can still eat food that contains herbs like rosemary and sage, because the amounts used in food are generally much smaller than those used in tea — and not as potent (the brewing process for making tea concentrates the chemicals of the herbs).

    Among other reasons to avoid certain herbs used in teas:

    ? Coca (also known as mate de coca) contains small amounts of cocaine.

    ? Comfrey, kava root, skullcap, valerian, and woodruff may damage your liver.

    ? Lobelia contains nicotine.

    ? Mate (or yerba mate) can contain as much caffeine as coffee.

    None of these herbs should be taken while you're pregnant or nursing.
    Reply:Most teas are unsafe if you drink too much of them, but stay away from teas with any of these herbs : anise, catnip, chamomile, comfrey, ephedra (me huang), hibiscus, horehound, lemon grass, licorice root, mugwort, rosemary, sage, sassafras, even red raspberry leaf. Red raspberry leaf is commonly used by midwives to stimulate the uterus and can therefore induce a miscarriage.
    Reply:There are a few companies like Traditional Medicinals that have a tea called 'Pregnancy Tea'. It's mostly red raspberry leaf- with strengthens the uterus. I've been drinking peppermint tea, which is very good for helping the digestion. The lipton tea that you are drinking sounds fine. And even the occasional cup of caffeine is totally fine- I drank some black tea this morning- because I am SO tired- I'm 8 weeks pregnant also! Congrats on your pregnancy:)
    Reply:i know how u feel, 10 weeks tomorrow and i feel like i cant eat or drink anything!! I would say have it, dont think it can harm anything, im not a bad mum but they didnt have any of this stuff around a hundred years and people didnt come out with loads of disabilities! Im sure you can though on a serious note! if it dont have a warning on the back of the pack you should be fine! x
    Reply:There's a brand called "Celestial Seasonings", they are caffeine free and come in all flavors ( I suggest the red vanilla, it's delicious!!). You can find them in any grocery store.
    Reply:I love lipton. It sounds like it should be safe, but I've never been pregnant, so I'd call your geinacologyst (ZOMG so hard to spell) or at least pediatrician, some sort of doctor. They should know.
    Reply:Ive been having the same question over teas so just to be safe ive stuck to hot lemon and orange water made with fresh fruit...but after finding this link i think im gonna brew up some red rasberry leaves.

    Hope you find it useful too:

    * Red Raspberry Leaf (Likely Safe) - Rich in iron, this herb has helped tone the uterus, increase milk production, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains. Many of the “Pregnancy Teas” commonly contain Red Raspberry leaf to help promote uterine health during pregnancy.

    There is some controversy about whether this should be used throughout pregnancy or just in the second and third trimester, so many health care providers will remain cautious and only recommend using it after the first trimester.

    * Peppermint Leaf (Likely Safe) - Helpful in relieving nausea/morning sickness and flatulence.

    * Lemon Balm (Likely Safe) - Has a calming effect and helps relieve irritability, insomnia and anxiety.

    * Ginger root (Possibly Safe) -Helps relieve nausea and vomiting.

    * Dandelion (Insufficient Reliable Information Available) - Rich in Vitamin A, calcium and iron; dandelion root and leaf can also help relieve mild edema and nourish the liver.

    * Chamomile (German) (Insufficient Reliable Information Available) - High in calcium and magnesium; also helps with sleeplessness and inflammation of joints.

    * Nettles (Stinging Nettles) -(Likely Unsafe-see note ) High in vitamins A, C, K, calcium, potassium and iron. Used in many “Pregnancy Teas” because it is a great all-around pregnancy tonic. (*Note on the safety of Nettles: Natural Medicines Database gives Nettles a rating of Likely Unsafe, even though it is used in countless pregnancy teas and recommended by most midwives and herbalists. This may be in relation to which part of the Nettles plant is used, the root or the leaves, and how much is used. According to other sources, the use of Nettles is encouraged during pregnancy because of all its health benefits.2)

    * Rose Hips (Insufficient Reliable Information Available) - Very good source of Vitamin C and helps boost the immune system.

    * Alfalfa (Possibly Unsafe) - Has Vitamin A, D, E and K; particularly good in later pregnancy to boost Vitamin K, which helps prevent postpartum hemorrhage.

    * Yellow Dock (Possibly Unsafe) - Used to help treat anemia in pregnant women due to the high level of iron. Also contains Vitamins A, C and calcium. *(this may also be used as a laxative - talk with your health care provider about the use of Yellow Dock during pregnancy).

    Anybody have tattoos and/or piercings?

    i am 14 years old. i have one tattoo and i am getting another one right after school gets out. i have 19 piercings. 18 of them are on my ears and the other is on my nose. the only "weird" piercings i have are my tragus on both sides. for those of you who dont know who that is, it's that little flappy piece on your ear closet to your face. and the only other "weird" piercing i have is my rook on my right side. that is the really thick piece of cartilage, kind of below where you would get a regular cartilage piercing and just above the tragus. my tattoo is a hibiscus on my ankle and my next tattoo is going to be a ladybug on my foot. tell me about your tattoos and piercings. i love to hear about them. i am addicted, but i know im not alone!
    Anybody have tattoos and/or piercings?
    i have my tragus pierced and the top of my ear and 3 on each earlobe. im 13. i have a scar in the shape of a heart by my hip that i did with a needle if that counts.
    Reply:2 ears so thats 4,

    1 navel piercing and

    1 tongue,

    i know how you feel i love piercings, what to get next i might try my hand web,

    oh i have my name tattoed on my lower back
    Reply:You ever watch wrestling? I have the same tatoos as Randy Orton, except one is in a blue-greenish color, oh and I have one on the back of my neck, in the shape of a tribal bull %26amp; cross.
    Reply:I've got a tattoo of an angel on my shoulder, but have plans to continue the artwork to cover my back.

    I'm not into piercings, but that's because I don't even wear jewelry - not into the bling.
    Reply:I have my tragus done, normal ear lobes and belly, but my fav piercing would have to be my septum! (for those who dont kno thats a 'bull ring' through the centre of my nose). I love it because i can flip it up inside my nose and hide it wen i want. My parents still dont know teehee! =D
    Reply:My first pericing was when I was 18, my nose. after that I decided I was going to go crazy with them they are so addicting.:] I got my eyebrow, a snake bite, and my ear twice on each side. I plan on getting a set of doves on my shoulder blades, and a snake on my back.
    Reply:Hey Kevin, if you want to talk religon go to that board....

    I had my nose and bellybutton pierced but have since taken them out because I got bored with them...

    Oh, just thought you should know that ladybug might cause you some pain, I had a flower tattooed on my foot a couple weeks ago, OUCH!
    Reply:Wow! That's a lot of earrings! I'm totally addicted to that stuff too though, but my ears are only double pierced. In the past I had 1 cartilage peircing, my belly button and both of my nipples. I joined the army out of high school and took them out, then I had kids so those piercings had to go. I've still got one below the belt though ;)

    Tattoos. There's the real obsession. I have 7 and I sit and design more all the time. I recently started tattooing with my roommate as a hobby and I'm currently doing a rework of a really old tattoo of his. I've given myself one so far and did one for another friend of mine, and my roommate gave me a new one a few months ago. I love tattoos- getting them, giving them, drawing them, looking at them!
    Reply:For the person criticizing you, there is nothing wrong with having tattoos and piercings, even at a young age.

    I have 4 small tattoos, 2 hummingbirds one between my shoulder blades and one on my left inner ankle, I have a rose on my chest, and a butterfly on the inner side of my wrist, I also have my ears pierced at the bottom of the lobes and hoping to get 3 or 4 more hole per ear, I have my tounge pierced, and my nose, I am also hoping to get more tattoos, I love them and would not get them removed if I had to
    Reply:I have two tattoos on my legs,a flowered cross,and a red rose.I have a vine bracelet on my left hand that ends in a ring .on my pointer finger...I have 3 sets of ear piercings.
    Reply:i have 4 in my ears all together my nose my nipples my belly button and my Cl!t:)
    Reply:I've got 3 in L ear, and navel. My first tat is a Reaper upper R, Lower R Oriental girl w/ half draped robe Pagoda and sun in b/g, inner arm is a wizard and toward elbow has 2 dragons connecting them all together. On upper L is self made Playboy rabbit w/cig, long hair girl w/fedora under it, Lower L is a winged angel hugging the cross!!! All my tats are in black, the only color is the blood on Reapers Scythe at the tip. Ilove my tats and wouldn't change them for anything!!!
    Reply:i have the left side of my lip pierced, 5 ear piercings, and a hello kitty tattoo on the inside of my forearm. yeah, it's cute. :)
    Reply:good for u girl.....I have 23 tattoos and i only have 3 piercings tho... its good if you like it, then no body should tell u different
    Reply:Nothing pierced

    11 tattoos
    Reply:In my personal view I think your a little to young to be going all tattoo crazy. You may want to seriosuly condsider what you want before you get it done because later on in the future you may regret it. Getting jobs will become more difficult. Im 19 and got my first tattoo on my foot its a bird and then i got a cross on the inside of my left wrist followed with a monroe piercing. I understand the additction feeling but just take more time to think about what you want.
    Reply:Well I got 4 tattoos in the last 2 months no piercings at all. I have cherries on my right leg, one rose on each shoulder blade and a name on my chest. I am getting cherry blossoms on my shoulder next week, I don't think I stopping there. I am a addicted.
    Reply:No piercings. I have two tattoos, a band of flames around my right arm and a celtic cross with a dog weave behind it and a celtic spiral pattern below it on my left arm. It's my latest tat, almost a half sleeve and I'm getting the final shading done today.
    Reply:Arnt u a little bit too young? and if ur religious tats are a sin.