Sunday, January 22, 2012

I have little white spots all over my hibiscus tree, what are they?

They are very small but more oval than a dot, they are on some leaves and the bark, they are new and ugly and I'm afraid they are killing my tree, also there a little ants crawling all over it. What can i do??
I have little white spots all over my hibiscus tree, what are they?
Well yesterday I was admiring my giant hibiscus and caught two Japanese beetles doing the deed right on one of the flowers. Japanese beetles usually leave holes because they eat the leaves, flowers, and barks before they do the deed. Since ants are present, I would suspect aphids. Look carefully on the leaves and bark and see if you find little, fat furry white insects. Ants farm aphids so you may have aphids present. I am against insecticides but have found that a little dishwahing liquid in water will often get rid of aphids. If this doesn't work, insectical soap might do the trick. This stuff is rough on the flowers of hisbicus so good luck. But, just for good measure, look for Japanese beetles in the early morning or at dusk. You can't miss them if you surprise them. If you approach the plant too quickly, they fly off and you never knew they were there. For Japanese beetles, I take a container of soapy water and knock the little devils into the water and that is the end of them.
Reply:They are probably spider mites or white fly. Either one can kill the plant. Try washing with dish washing soap (do get under the leaves). You may also spray with plant insecticide. I don't buy this plant anymore because of this. Good luck.
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